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Tri NOLA: 100 Things We Love About New Orleans

Countless ways the Crescent City charms in light of its 300th birthday.

100. Dining alfresco in French Quarter restaurant courtyards

99. Jazzfest-goer’s over-the-top head wear

98. Taking a Vieux Carré cocktail for a spin at the revolving Carousel Bar

97. Carrying open umbrellas on sunny days

96. Setting a nightly table for the resident ghost at Muriel’s

95. Listening to modern-day jazz in a century-old jazz landmark at the Little Gem Saloon

Little Gem Saloon
Dating to 1903, the Little Gem Saloon is one of the city’s few remaining original jazz clubs. (©Little Gem Saloon)

94. Chilling out between sets at Jazzfest with a walk through the misting tents

93. The Newcomb Art Museum’s signature Arts and Crafts pottery and Tiffany glass windows

92. Dancing in the middle of the street during French Quarter Fest

91. Floating options at Queork, where the goods are all fashioned from cork

90. Long lines snaking out of Hansen’s, signaling the onset of snoball season

Snocone in NOLA
Snoballs are synonymous with summer in New Orleans; Hansen’s started the craze in 1939. (©Zack Smith/NOCVB)

89. Seeing how many types of hot sauce we can burn through on a Tabasco factory tour

88. The statue of Ignatius Riley, the lead character in “A Confederacy of Dunces,” under the old D.H. Holmes clock (819 Canal St.)

87. Touro Synagogue’s annual Jazzfest Shabbat

86. Baroness Micaela Almonester Pontalba’s initials woven into the ironwork of the twin buildings she commissioned surrounding Jackson Square

85. Setting off on NOLA Gondola glides around scenic City Park

City Park Gondola Ride NOLA
City Park gondolier Robert Dula has witnessed dozens of proposals made aboard the “Bella Mae.” (©Shawn Fink)

84. Eating to the beat during the World’s Largest Jazz Brunch at French Quarter Fest

83. The “Tricentennial Moments” QR-code markers on local landmarks 82. Looking for the next big thing—and finding it—among the art and craft booths at Jazzfest 81. Visiting France without ever leaving the city with a trip to Wirthmore Antiques

80. Camellia Grill’s pecan waffles, greasy burgers and bow-tied waiters

Camellia Grill
Camellia Grill has been a late-night—and early-morning—go-to for generations of New Orleanians. (©Shawn Fink)

79. Watching the streetcar pass while sipping mint juleps on the front porch of the Columns Hotel

78. Roaming the Garden District when it’s in full springtime bloom

77. Getting lost amid M.S. Rau’s 28,000 square feet for rare antiquities

76. Dancing Man 504 jump-starting the annual French Quarter Festival kickoff parade

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Daryl the "Dancing Man 504" Young
Darryl Young (aka “Dancing Man 504”), a familiar presence at the city's second-line celebrations (©Zack SMith/NOCVB)