8 Travel Apps You Need to Download Before Your Next Trip

With so many travel apps to choose from, figuring out which is the most user-friendly can be overwhelming. We break them down for you.

It’s 2018, and so, it’s no secret that there’s an app for nearly everything. From booking a car service to having food delivered straight to your door to snagging a date in a single swipe, there isn’t any aspect of your life that is not covered by an app.

If you are traveling to the tri-state area, there are a tremendous amount of things to see and do, in terms of restaurants, shops, attractions, and numerous ways to get to these places. New York and New Jersey can be, in fact, pretty darn intimidating in terms of size if you have never visited (or even if you have!) But now, your travel here, too, can be covered by a few nifty apps as well. To make your experiences in the Big Apple and/or cities in the Garden State more pleasurable and less stressful, we’ve rounded up some of the best travel apps out there to help you get from point A to point B in the smoothest, easiest, most efficient way possible.

Airport Chaos


Booking your flight is half the battle when it comes to traveling. Skyscanner helps make that process easier by helping you search and book flights, hotels and car rental prices right in the palm of your hands. Snagging a cheap deal is just a quick swipe away.


Planning what spots you’ll visit is vital when booking a trip. With the TripAdvisor app, there’s no aspect of your trip that won’t be covered. From dining to physical activities, this app gives you the chance to vet your itinerary before taking off.

TripAdvisor Owl


There’s nothing worse than being lost in a new city. This is where Citymapper steps in to save the day. Think of Citymapper as Google Maps’ more knowledgeable cousin. With the ability to tailor the app to the specific city you’re in, it breaks down routes to your destination in a variety of forms—think either exclusively by bus or by subway—and alerts you when you need to get off, if your changing buses or subway lines, or when you’ve reached your destination. The best part is that it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re able to connect to wifi. Citymapper works offline, helping you avoid any frantically lost moments in the street.

Hotel Tonight

This app is for those of us who regularly find ourselves in a pinch when it comes to suddenly needing a hotel room. Usually, booking a trip somewhere means that accommodations were also booked in advance, giving you the best deal possible. With Hotel Tonight, however, you can book a discounted hotel at the last minute. For those who love booking a spontaneous trip or are in need of accommodation at the eleventh hour, Hotel Tonight has got you covered.

Hotel Check-in

Smart Layover

Traveling can usually involve layovers in exciting destinations. With layovers, however, come limited time frames to explore new cities. Smart Layover steps in to beat the boredom. Think of the app as a tour guide in you pocket. This mobile friendly feature can help you book a hotel room for day-use for any 24 hour long layovers, book sightseeing tours and offers up discounts for food and beverages for over 140 cities across the globe. Make the most of your layover no matter where you go.


No trip is complete without some fantastic culinary experiences. Find the best restaurants in any destination with Eater. For all the foodies out there, Eater compiles some of the best eateries for travelers to dine in. The only catch here is that the app is limited to cities in the US, but despite it’s American limitations, there’s no shortage of delicious restaurants to discover with Eater.

Dining with Eater

Trail Wallet

Traveling, more often than not, can break the bank: It’s a time when we have a devil-may-care attitude when it comes to a budget. After all, you reason with yourself, you are on vacation! Between indulging in delicious meals and picking up souvenirs, it can be tough to keep track of your money dribbling away. When budgeting becomes tough, let Trail Wallet help you out. Designed to help travelers track their expenses, Trail Wallet is the go-to app for anyone looking to not overspend while still having fun.


Traveling with friends can lead to confusing bills—who paid what, for how much, and yadayadayada. Splitwise takes the hassle out of dividing up the check. Gone are the days of having to sit and add up exactly what everyone owes. The app steps in to take care of the dividing and even lets you keep track of who owes whom what. Think of it as an IOU upgrade right in the palm of your hand.