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Vinyl Touch: 4 of Nashville's Favorite Record Stores

Find the pride of Music City past and present inside these popular record stores.

Vinyl is alive and well in Nashville. Not only does Music City press more than half of North America’s records, there is also an abundance of stores where you can browse stacks upon stacks of the nostalgic media. Step inside one of these one-of-a-kind shops and you’ll see for yourself: records are about more than buying music. From hip to historic to hip again, records are Nashville’s pride and joy.

Third Man Records
Third Man Records (Courtesy Isaac Arjonilla)

Third Man Records

Decked out in black and yellow hues, the Nashville location of Jack White’s Third Man Records opened in 2009. Entering the shop is like peeking behind a curtain of the rockstar’s weird and wonderful mind. Beyond the novelties lounge, tour the independent label’s offices and distribution center, see the live venue with rare direct-to-acetate recording capabilities and even create your own 2-minute record in a 1947 Voice-o-Graph booth.

Ernest Tubb Record Shop
Ernest Tubb Record Shop (Courtesy Isaac Arjonilla)

Ernest Tubb's Record Store

Located on Broadway, Ernest Tubb's Record Shop has been in business for more than 66 years and specializes in the hard to find. Named for former Grand Ole Opry star and a pioneer of country music, the store often welcomes singers and songwriters—whether planned performances for the Midnite Jamboree or those just stopping in to say hello. 

Fond Object Records
Fond Object Records (Courtesy Isaac Arjonilla)

Fond Objects Records

In addition to hosting live performances in the backyard, East Nashville’s Fond Object Records is a self-described “psychedelic department store” that also sells vintage goods as well as occasionally hosts a petting zoo. Simply put, you never know what you’ll find.

Vinyl Tap

Nearby Vinyl Tap is helmed by Todd Hedrick, a fourth-generation East Nashvillian who isn’t shy to share his love for wax and drafts with locals and visitors alike. Sip a cool drink while browsing stacks—there are even cup holders for your glass—or stay awhile to catch a live show on the stage. You’re on Nashville time now.

Vinyl Tap
Vinyl Tap (Courtesy Isaac Arjonilla)