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Elvis-Inspired Food in Nashville

Celebrate Elvis Presley's 81st birthday with our list of Nashville's most decadent and delicious Elvis-inspired dishes and treats.

There’s only one thing Elvis Presley loved more than music and women—rich, delicious and savory food. Help us celebrate what would have been the Chief’s 81st birthday (on Jan. 8) with this list of Nashville’s most decadent dishes and over-the-top treats inspired by the King of Rock and Roll himself. 

5th & Taylor, Nashville, TN
5th & Taylor's enormous and delicious Elvis Moon Pie. (©Robbie Quinn)

Elvis Moon Pie at 5th & Taylor

The recently opened 5th & Taylor in Germantown oozes chic creativity from its art-clad walls. That creativity is all Chef Daniel Lindley’s, who designed not only the stunning concrete-dominated space himself, but also the enticing menu brimming with innovative and irresistible concoctions (like Chef’s favorite—the beer can chicken).

But among a menu adorned with elegant ingredients and stitched together by gourmet garnishes, one item certainly stands out. When you’re served pastry chef Rachel De Jong's Elvis Moon Pie, you’ll know it. Presley’s portrait, made of chocolate sauce, sits next to the enormous moon pie, which is an amalgamation of banana, graham cracker, crumbled bacon and whipped cream drenched in, yep, even more chocolate sauce. This dessert is as larger-than-life as the King himself.

"Eat Your Heart Out, Elvis" Frozen Custard at The Pied Piper Creamery

The Pied Piper Creamery makes a cozy home for itself in East Nashville. At the small locale, 24 vibrant and fun flavors (with very “punny” names) greet visitors each day. You’ll feel like you’re grabbing a scoop at your aunt’s house at this pleasant and friendly stop, complete with a sprawling front porch and board games.

Elvis aficionados will love the sassy “Eat Your Heart Out, Elvis” flavor, which punches up a blend of banana and honey custard with the silky earthiness of peanut butter. The creamery’s flavors rotate continuously, so call ahead to make sure they have this Presley-inspired flavor available.

The Flipside restaurant, Nashville, TN
The Flipside's "Elvis Lives" breaded chicken sandwich (Courtesy The Flipside)

"Elvis Lives" Sandwich at The Flipside

Walking through the doors of The Flipside will transport you to the simpler days of rabbit-eared TVs, milkshake diner dates and “Hound Dog” blasting through the juke box. While Flipside's retro-modern décor will make your heart flutter, the poultry-centric menu will make your mouth water. Here, you get one chicken breast pounded thin, seasoned with breadcrumbs and topped one of 18 different ways.

Fans of the King take note: The “Elvis Lives” crowns your breaded breast with peanut butter, banana, honey and bacon. We bet Presley himself would have flown any distance for a taste of that dish.

Elvis Panini at The Patterson House

It’s no secret Elvis Presley was a fan of peanut butter-and-banana sandwiches. The speakeasy-style Patterson House pays homage to the King with its ultra-popular “Elvis Lives” panini. This menu staple sandwiches hot, melted peanut butter, nearly caramelized bananas and thick-cut bacon between two crispy slices of white bread to create the ultimate version of Presley’s favorite treat.

Wash it all down with one of The Patterson House’s famous cocktails—we suggest the bacon old fashioned, for good measure—and you’ve got yourself a meal fit for a King.

Jack Brown's Beer & Burger Joint, Nashville, TN
The Elvis burger at Jack Brown's (©Black Panda Supper Club)

Elvis Burger at Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint

This Germantown burger joint isn’t your ordinary greasy spoon. Here, each of the 11 burgers offered (including one daily special) include a patty made with some of the highest-quality Wagyu beef available. According to the restaurant’s website, in fact, the quality of beef far exceeds the U.S. standard required to receive the premium USDA designation. Whoa, mama.

The menu may be simple, but the burgers are not. Behold “The Elvis,” an indulgent mountain of Wagyu beef piled with peanut butter, mayonnaise, Applewood smoked bacon and good-ole American cheddar cheese. We suggest ordering it with a side of...antacid.

Elvis Cakes & Cupcakes at Sweet 16th Bakery

This sweet little bakeshop sits in the heart of East Nashville, and is a favorite among locals. Freshly baked goods greet walk-in patrons each day, but the real heavy hitting treats are on the special order menu. Not only is this call-ahead selection expansive, but it also includes not one, not two, but three Elvis-inspired options.

Go for gold with the Elvis Cake—two layers of heavenly banana cake embraced by layers of peanut butter cream and cloaked in white cream cheese frosting.

Up the ante with the Velvet Elvis and its two layers of moist red velvet cake plus one layer of chocolate cake united by the heavenly touch of peanut butter cream and enrobed in white cream cheese frosting.

Or take your King-inspired flavors in smaller doses with the Little Elvis cupcakes, which are banana cupcakes with an infusion of peanut butter cream and a crest of, you guessed it, white cream cheese frosting. Lord have mercy!

Elvis Milkshake at Lucky Belly

This phenomenally fun restaurant/bar/karaoke lounge injects its menu with the same level of energy found within its graffitied walls. And if chewing isn’t really your thing, Lucky Belly has your back with the dreamy and daring Elvis milkshake, which is the magic that happens when bourbon, fresh bananas, peanut butter cups and chocolate ice cream merge into one liquid treat. Cheers to Elvis in a glass!