Blazing Birds

Nashville is known for its “hot chicken,” which means it’s so spicy it’ll leave your lips tingling long after you’ve left the table. Here, a few hot spots:

Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack
The king of all places to get hot chicken in the city. It’d be a stretch to call it a restaurant but in the back there are big cast-iron skillets full of bubbling oil and breasts as spicy as you can stand ’em. 123 Ewing Dr., 615.226.9442

Bolton’s Spicy Chicken & Fish
This cinderblock building might not look like much, but that hasn’t stopped famous foodies from making a pilgrimage just for their fiery food. The menu says it all: breast quarter, leg quarter, wings or hot chicken on a stick. 624 Main St., 615.254.8015

400 Degrees
Named for their hottest flavor, this downtown haunt takes its hot chicken very seriously. Work your way up with the plain, 100-degree and 200-degree varieties before taking the plunge with the rust-colored bird that makes our eyes water just looking at it. 319 Peabody St., 615.244.4467

Corner Pub Midtown
Who can resist ordering boneless, hot chicken chunks when they’re described as being slathered in “Magic Hot Dust?” This popular open-air hangout in Midtown has all the other standard pub fare, too. 2000 Broadway, 615.329.9250

Danny Bonvissuto