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How to Bring a Bit of Arizona Home

6 ideas for artistic treasures, gifts and souvenirs to help keep Arizona top-of-mind

Exploring Arizona? Preserve your memories with one of these cool sense-of-place bits and pieces to commemorate your visit or expand your private collection. From fun souvenirs to artistic crafts and collectibles, these are six ways to bring a bit of Arizona home with you.

1. Themed exhibitions at Phoenix’s MADE art boutique touch on things people have been known to amass—such as birdhouses, coin banks and reusable shopping bags—and individual items are submitted by local artists.

Find MADE inside a house on 5th Street and Roosevelt in Phoenix. (©Eileen Kane/Creative Commons)

2. Yummy margarita- and mimosa-scented shower gels from department-store darling philosophy qualify as souvenirs because the brand is headquartered in Phoenix.

3. Windbells made on Paolo Soleri’s (1919-2013) architecture campuses of Cosanti (Paradise Valley) and Arcosanti (an hour north of Phoenix) are elegant when displayed individually, in clusters of graduating sizes, or in a sampler of various styles—bronze, bronze patina, smooth stamped ceramic and rough silt-cast ceramic.

Soleri bells on display at Cosanti
Soleri bells on display at Cosanti (©Oati/Flickr, Creative Commons)

4. T-shirts, swim trunks, barrettes, nail polish and tote bags at Del Sol perform a trick befitting the Valley of the Sun: They change color when exposed to sunlight.

5. Artwork by Ettore “Ted” DeGrazia (1909-1982), which gained great exposure when it was selected for appearance on a 1960 UNICEF greeting card, is replicated on trivets, tableware and ornaments at DeGrazia’s Gallery in the Sun in Tucson.

DeGrazia relics and retail items intermingle at Gallery in the Sun. (©Michelle Chagnon/Creative Commons)

6. Everyone can use another hoodie or sun visor; be true to ASU and reach for maroon and gold at Cactus Sports in the heart of Arizona State University’s Tempe playground.