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In Sedona, Good Things Come in Twos

10 ideas for tastes and experiences around Red Rock Country

No matter the size of your traveling posse, you’re likely to enjoy these Sedona sights all the more if you follow them with a convenient and clever snack or meal. Gotta maintain that sightseeing strength! 

Above the Trees

Midgley Bridge  The 1939 bridge over gaping Wilson Canyon is so breathtaking, it has its own spectators’ parking lot. The lot is primarily for users of several hiking trails in Oak Creek Canyon that begin here. As long as you’ve stopped to admire the steel feat, why not move your feet?

Creekside Sedona  You could dine inside—but sitting on a deck that’s like a treehouse drawbridge is more invigorating. Dine on high on a “fluff and fold” omelet, Cuban pressed sandwich, steamed trout or Parmesan-crusted chicken, and listen to the slightest breeze blow through the uppermost branches in your vicinity.

Midgley Bridge
The grand Midgley Bridge north of Uptown Sedona (©Coconino National Forest/Creative Commons)

Child-charming Art

Lark Art  This Sedona gallery exhibits abundant animal portraits and sculptures in friendly expressions and not-quite-realistic colors that could lead a child to a love of fine art.

Peppermint Zebra  Test the theory that a sugar high can be channeled into a creative endeavor at a shop that sells candy, skyscraper jigsaw puzzles and colored chalk.

Sunny Side Up

Sedona Airport  Airport Mesa is a high perch from which to see a sunrise or sunset, and possibly the comings and goings of biplanes, helicopters and other licensed flying objects.

Mesa Grill  If you’re on Airport Mesa at dawn, have a crab cake Benedict at this on-site restaurant. If it’s nightfall, dig into shrimp ceviche or chicken broiled beneath Oaxaca cheese.

Mesa Grill at the Sedona Airport (©Tom Johnson)

On the Rocks

Slide Rock State Park  The cool, crystal-clear water of Oak Creek has worn a gully of rocks into a gradual sort of natural water slide. If you intend to take a dip during summer, go early, because the park tends to hit maximum capacity quickly.

Oaxaca  Seek a spot on the upper patio of the Uptown restaurant Oaxaca to take in eye-level red-rock views and a margarita on the rocks—plus a plate of grilled prickly pear, if you dare.

Call of Nature

Boynton Canyon  Take a largely tree-shaded hike, kicking pine cones and reclining on a diagonal rock face before retracing your steps. Spy signs of refined resort life at nearby Enchantment Resort from some points along the trail.

ChocolaTree  Recharge at this West Sedona cafe with “twigs ’n’ pine cones” cuisine—organic, lovingly made dishes stocked with nuts, seeds, al dente vegetables and seaweed.