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Arcosanti Access

With those distressing words, visionary architect Paolo Soleri described the reason for constructing Arcosanti, his city of the future: “Today’s population of the earth is close to seven billion. By the year 2050 it will be 10 billion. With the same condition of today and the same stresses imposed on the biosphere, there will be the need for two earths.”

Located about 70 miles north of Phoenix, Arcosanti is just 3 to 5 percent complete. Here, people can live, work and have access to all their needs within the community.

South-facing buildings use exposure for heating and cooling. Greenhouses provide gardening space and act as solar collectors for winter heat, as do rooftop solar panels. Performing arts venues frequently host experimental musicians. Resident students and craftspeople walk everywhere within the 4,000-acre city, where only 25 acres will be used for structures to support a maximum population of 5,000. Currently there are 60 to 100 residents at any given time.

Arcosanti is an urban laboratory that may never be totally complete, but will test and prove construction methods for future cities of its type. Visitors are welcome on guided tours.

Between Sedona and Phoenix, I-17, exit 262, 928.632.7135, www.arcosanti.org.