Back to Normal: Socially Distant Milwaukee Activities

Enjoy the outdoors and slowly ease out of social distancing with nature first.

As restrictions slowly ease for Wisconsinites, many residents and visitors are wondering what activities are available, if any. In Milwaukee, there is plenty of socially distanced fun to go around. Parks, green spaces, and even urban areas throughout the city have all kinds of adventures available that will satisfy a variety of tastes.

Veteran's Park is a lakefront attraction with plenty of grassy areas to spread out and picnic | WhereTraveler
Oak Leaf Trail (©Tony Savino/Shutterstock)

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Veteran's Park

Veteran's Park is a lakefront attraction with plenty of grassy areas to spread out and picnic. The breezes off of Lake Michigan are perfect for flying a kite with the family. The Oak Leaf Trail crisscrosses through the park and beyond offering 125 miles worth of trails for hiking, cycling, and rollerblading. Over a quarter of the trail follows the gorgeous shorefront of Lake Michigan. Veteran’s Park also has a 14-acre lagoon that is home to various aquatic birds, turtles, and amphibians. Get a closer look at all of the flora and fauna by renting a swan boat at the main dock in the lagoon. Visitors can also pay homage to those who have served by visiting the Court of Honor which commemorates all four branches of the military. 

Milwaukee River Trail

Hikers and cyclists of all levels will enjoy the Milwaukee River Trail, an 8-mile trail that stretches from Caesar’s Park to Estabrook Park. What Caesar's Park lacks in size, it makes up for in history. The 3-acre park on the east side of the city was part of a conservation effort that eventually was responsible for the removal of part of the North Avenue dam. Now, water flows more freely in the area and the fishing has greatly improved. Estabrook Park is more popular with the younger, trendier crowd. Famous for its beer garden and dog park, it’s a frequent hangout for Milwaukee hipsters.

Milwaukee Urban Water Trail

Not all of Milwaukee’s trails are designed for hikers. The Milwaukee Urban Water Trail is a wonderful way for kayakers, canoers, and other non-motorized watercraft to explore the city. The trail as 10 different points of entry and explores the 3 main waterways: the Milwaukee, the Menomonee, and the Kinnickinnic Rivers. They’re as fun to paddle as they are to say

The best way to enjoy the sun is to head to the beach | WhereTraveler
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Lakeside Beach Retreats

Bradford Beach

The best way to enjoy the sun is to head to the beach. Bradford Beach is one of the best urban beaches in the nation and the perfect place to spread out, sunbathe, and enjoy the waterfront view. It’s one of the city’s cleanest beaches, receiving the Blue Wave Certification from the Clean Beaches Council in D.C. Lifeguards are on duty throughout the day to keep everyone safe in the surf. Beachgoers that are feeling peckish should visit Moosa’s Custard at the southern edge of the beach, a local favorite.

Grand Park Beach

One of the best-kept summer secrets in southern Milwaukee is Grand Park Beach. The beach is tucked away in the southernmost corner of the park and only accessible down a narrow road. The beach is in a protected cove away from the loud city bustle. There’s a small restaurant near the beach with basic fare and beverages. In the more populated section of the park, there is a yacht club and golf club. The golf club has been open since the 1920s and uses the historic 1890s farmhouse as its clubhouse.

Baby Goat Yoga at Pabst Brewery is the newest wellness trend | WhereTraveler
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Mental Wellness in Milwaukee

Beer Yoga

With more than 30 breweries in the city, Milwaukee offers a truly Wisconsinesque take on health and wellness. Good City Brewing is getting onboard with the yoga craze. This summer, they’re offering Beer Yoga which is just as awesome as it sounds. For the price of admission, guests get an hour-long guided yoga class, live music, and one complimentary beer. Of course, after the class, it’s probably a good idea to stick around for another local brew.

Baby Goat Yoga

If the promise of beer and yoga wasn’t enough, how about baby goats? Baby Goat Yoga at Pabst Brewery is the newest wellness trend. Being around animals has been proven to lower cortisol levels (a stress-inducing hormone) and lower blood pressure. Combine that with the gentle movements of a 45-minute yoga class and, voila, the latest in mental health and wellness. Guests are invited to hang out with the goats after class or visit the taproom for a flight and brewery tour.