Food Capital


Only 700 days to go to the beginning of Expo scheduled to be hosted in Milan in 2015, under the title “Feeding the planet. Energy for life”. Despite being a sensitive theme that touches upon the issue of resources, it is also a joyful, vibrant reference to the pleasures of food and the positive energy resulting from conviviality. Though no other place in the world is better equipped to host a theme of this kind then Italy, Milan is “the” city of choice when it comes to interpreting all related aspects whether culinary, commercial or spectacular, not to mention the magical world of design that revolves around eating. May, aided and abetted by the Italian spring which simply begs you to eat outdoors, is a month brimming over with mouth watering events. However, there is nothing impromptu about its nutritional vocation: more or less intellectual conventions (from “Food and the History of Italy” to “Food and the Social Network” ) are the order of the day for the entire year, and permanent facilities dedicated to the subject, including the i.Lab Alimentazione at the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia (via San Vittore, 21. M2 Sant’Ambrogio. Map D5) exist where creative and educational activities devoted to learning more about healthy eating habits are organized on a regular basis. To take advantage of all the innumerable opportunities, ask your Concierge. However, make sure to remember that in order to attend these conventions a good knowledge of Italian is usually required.
MORE THAN 350 EVENTS If you happen to be in the city from 17 to 25 May, don’t miss Milano Food Week, when Milan comes alive with more than 350 events in 250 different venues including restaurants, pizzerie, pastry shops, ice-cream parlours and open-air kitchens, but also showrooms, art galleries and shops. The spirit of the event is highly eclectic and involves a rich events calendar featuring wine and food tastings at a number of exotic venues, meetings to exchange recipes, happenings where people can get to know one another while sampling an array of delectable fare, workshops to learn all the tricks of the trade and the secrets of chefs and pâtissiers, pop-up farmers’ markets at which you can buy delicacies directly from the producers, picnics in the park or tasting treats at chic boutiques or bookstores. The updated calendar is available on you can either visit the site, speak to your concierge or simply follow the flags (more than 300) that will attract your attention as you stroll through the city. The event is sponsored by Expo with whom Milano Food Week will collaborate in 2015 for an epic-making edition.

BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS If you’re an industry member, you’re probably in Milan for the fair. If this is not the case, then you just got lucky because the Tuttofood tradeshow, scheduled to be held from 19 to 23 May at the Milano Rho-Pero fairgrounds (M1 with an inter-urban ticket), is one of the most interesting events of the year. Italy, the home of food and wine and a leading exporter of pasta, wine and organic products (to mention but a few) serves as a showcase for all the production and distribution channels in the food industry. Visitors to the show will be treated to complete range of products originating from all over the world in a perfect mix of innovation, tradition and supreme quality. The exhibition also stages three competitions to nominate the best DOP cheeses, the most innovative products and niche products. Tuttofood not only serves as a platform for the food&beverage industry but is also an agrifood exhibition offering myriad events and ideas: 2,000 exhibitors, six halls, 120,000 sq.m. of exhibition space, buyers from five continents and daily meetings, workshops and seminars. In fact, it is not mere chance that Expo has chosen Tuttofood as a partner and reference point for this market.

SHOW COOKING In Italy show cooking is extremely popular even on TV: however, participating live, with high-profile chefs, is a whole different experience. Taste of Milano (30 May-2 June) is the Milanese leg of the Taste Festival which has already travelled to 16 capitals throughout the world and is an event that allows you to observe the work of local culinary greats first-hand (unfortunately, only a limited number of places are available so, if you haven’t booked, your only hope is that your concierge will be able to pull some strings). Chefs participating in the culinary event include Andrea Aprea of the Vun Park Hyatt, Tommaso Arrigoni of Innocenti Evasioni, Enrico Bartolini of the Devero Ristorante, Roberto Okabe of Finger’s Garden, Wicky Pryan of Wicky’s, Andrea Provenzani of Liberty, Lorenzo Santi of La maniera di Carlo, Luigi Taglienti of Trussardi alla Scala and Viviana Varese of Alice. The chefs will take turns to show off their skills at the only events location, Superstudio Più, found in one of the most vibrant areas of the city