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Rolling In: Food Truck Frenzy

South Florida, known for its upscale and exclusive eateries, has given rise to a new kind of restaurant. These drive around the city, and unless you follow them on social media, they’ll be hard to find. Food trucks have gained popularity throughout the rest of the country, even garnering their own show on the Food Network, the Great Food Truck Race. For some, it’s simply a passion. Brian Mullins has been in the restaurant business for 15 years. During Art Basel in 2010 his food truck, Ms Cheezious, debuted and it’s been nonstop ever since. He’s even grown his business with a second truck because of high demand. Recently, at the Food Network South Beach Wine and Food Festival, Ms Cheezious was named the best food truck in Miami. Its specialty? Grilled-cheese sandwiches. Are you wondering how these food trucks gain fans if they’re never in the same spot for more than a few hours? They are as plugged in as the rest of us are. To keep up with locations and menu changes, the trucks all each have their own Twitter accounts that keep their followers informed. You can also find a calendar chronicling the trucks’ locations at www.miamifoodtrucks.com.