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Rock Solid Therapy in South Florida

Gemstones are the next big thing in beauty treatments.

The beauty industry has been hot on gemstones for quite some time and South Florida is no exception. Here are a few of our favorite treatments with precious rocks that have been used in healing rituals for hundreds of years. 

CONRAD Spa at Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach, Eye Bright

We love that the folks at the Conrad are narrowing in on an area that can sometimes be neglected. Bring new life and a more supple, youthful glow to your eye area with proprietary skincare formulas packed with precious minerals, gemstones and active and clean ingredients. This powerful 30-minute treatment starts with a facial cleanse, then a Rose Quartz or Black Pearl Knesko under eye mask is applied and left on for 10 minutes. During this time, an Isola hand cream massage is performed. After the undereye mask is removed, a gemstone roller is used to further apply the serum from the chosen mask. Next, a Circadia emergency eye lift is applied under your eye which provides an instant firming and lift—noticeable for at least 3 hours. Over time, use of this product will leave your eyes twinkling and bright for weeks to come. 

The Spa at the Biltmore Hotel, Chakra Healing 

This treatment takes customization to an otherworldly level. Based around seven blends of chakra-balancing essential oils, each bespoke ritual involves relaxing your nervous system, lymphatic drainage, and healing of the chakras. An intake chat, salt scrub, warm bath, massage and pouring of warm oil over the third eye are all elements of the treatment. If needed, a gemstone is used for clearing energy. Translation? 90 minutes of utter body bliss. 

The Spa at the Mandarin Oriental (©Mandarin Oriental)

The Spa at the Mandarin Oriental, The Kundalini Journey Treatment 

This divine journey combines advanced massage techniques with aromatherapy, color and gemstone therapy as well as sound therapy to help your stressed mind (and body) completely and totally chill out. Performed in a luxurious Mandarin Spa Suite, this amazing experience ends with a gift to help you incorporate your newfound peace and balance into your daily life. 

The Confidante Miami Beach, Customized Crystal Massage Journey 

The Confidante’s spa recently unveiled a new menu to go along with its newly reimagined space. The new offerings include crystal treatments, magnets and edible ingredients, in partnership with luxury-spiritual lifestyle brand, Glacce, (already famous for crystal water bottles). They combine traditional massage techniques with the healing properties of crystals. The experiences use the power of crystal energy to rejuvenate, relax, or release based on the crystal sphere you choose at the beginning of the treatment. Each stone is said to possess powerful vibrations designed to heal a range of conditions (from jet lag to a broken heart) and include rose quartz (self-care, trust, clarity), and amethyst (calm, intuition, detoxification). At the end of the treatment, your therapist pays special attention to the lower abdomen, known as the “second brain,” rolling the crystal sphere in clockwise rotation to address any lingering blockages. 

(Courtesy Acqualina Resort & Spa)

ESPA at Acqualina Resort and Spa, 80-minute Ultimate Performance Facial 

One step into this incredible property transports you to the Italian Riviera.
Once there, (in spirit and mind), further your transition into an utterly relaxing state by starting your spa journey with the gift of a Himalayan salt stone, said to have major healing properties. A Himalayan salt wall helps you find more peace and quiet in the spa’s relaxation room. All of the treatments that follow are superb but our pick is the 80-minute Ultimate Performance Facial, which incorporates Chinese medicine into a luxurious anti-aging treatment that leaves your skin plump, supple, bright and totally refreshed. 

Dr. Elizabeth Trattner, Gemstone Facial 

The first part of this multi-step healing process is chatting with Doc Liz about your health and habits. Next, you’ll lie on a 26-pound amethyst heated mat—it produces infrared heat, which creates lymphatic drainage in the body and helps facilitate healing, reduce pain, improves immune function, reduces stress, improves skin and increases elimination. The doctor of Chinese medicine and acupuncturist then places crystals on and around your body and face to open energy centers. Facial acupuncture, Gua Sha, cupping and other ancient techniques revitalize your skin. Facial massage, an organic face mask application with a rose quartz roller and hand and foot massages are all elements of this truly unique experience.