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Miami's Outdoor Adventures [VIDEO]

Grab your shades and follow the Where video guide to the best outdoor activities in Miami—from water-blasting jet packs to golf, SUPs and fishing charters.

Ahh, Miami. When you’re there, you’ll definitely be out at the restaurants, the upscale bars and the all-night, electric nightclubs. But just be sure to save some energy for all the daytime activities the city has to offer. So pull on your shades and get ready, this is our list of the top outdoor activities and active things to do around Miami.


#1: Jet packs

Let’s start with some excitement! For high-octane fun, strap on a jetpack and soar above the seas.  It only takes a little practice at this new sport before you’re up and flying about. Companies like Miami’s Aqua Jet provide lessons and even offer yacht rides out to the jet pack area, making for an entire afternoon of fun.

# 2: Golf

In Florida, golf is king, and in Miami world-class courses and resorts like Turnberry Isle offer challenging layouts with breathtaking views. And don’t worry if you can’t get a tee time at your first choice, Miami features dozens of places to play right in the city.

# 3: Jet Ski Rides

For some fast-paced fun, rent a jet ski and hit the water. These crafts can top out at close to 55 miles per hour for a session of pure thrills. Age restrictions vary from company to company, and the typical rental rate is around $100 per hour.

# 4: SUPs and Kayaking

If you prefer to slow down and relax, then rent a beach kayak or stand tall on a stand-up paddle board, a.k.a. a SUP. Besides waterside rentals, many companies also offer professionally guided sea kayaking tours in the area. 

Sea kayaking on Biscayne Bay (©Shutterstock)
Sea kayaking on Biscayne Bay (©Shutterstock)

#5: Snorkeling and Diving

While most people think of the nearby Florida Keys when it comes to snorkeling and scuba diving, don’t forget Miami. Companies here offer certification courses as wells as dive trips to some amazing underwater wrecks and reefs, and most are close to shore, making for easy trips.

#6: Boating & Fishing Charters

Didn’t bring your yacht? That’s OK, you can rent one. Miami’s coastal culture means plenty of access to boating rental and charter companies, offering everything from smaller, family-size boats to full-on luxury yacht experiences. Cruise the Intercoastal for a relaxing afternoon or jump on a deep-sea charter and land the big one.

#7: Beach Sports

Water sports aren’t the only way to have fun in Miami. The beaches are what made the city famous, and for a workout and some friendly competition, locals and visitors often turn to beachside sports like sand volleyball. Get a game going with your crew, or hop in with the locals and see how it’s done. 

For tour operators and more information, visit our Miami travel guide and start planning your trip to Miami. Just don’t forget your sunscreen!