10 Cool Ways to Beat the Heat in Miami

On those hot days, nothing feels better than finding a few chilly spots.

Each year, visitors plan their escape from winter for summer getaways to feel the sunshine on the skin. This perfect recipe for bliss does have its drawbacks. Miami's soaring summertime temperatures, with average temperatures in the 90s with 100 percent humidity, can quickly turn that dreamy vacation into a hot mess. But don't despair, here, at your fingertips are a dozen fun, cool ways to beat the unbearable heat.

Cold Therapy: Take the cold plunge or a cold sauna to recover from intense workouts or a much-needed break from the heat at Anatomy at 1220. Besides feeling oh-so-good, the treatment has been regarded by elite athletes as the best way to reduce pain and swelling by tightening blood vessels which reduces inflammation and rids the body of lactic acid. 

Plunge pool, Anatomy at 1220

Ice Skating: It may not be New York City's Rockefeller Center, but Kendall Ice Arena and Basement are a piece of the northern pie.

The 2,000-square-foot public, indoor ice-skating rink in the suburb of Kendall serves as a figure skating training center. The coaching staff are all members of the Public Skating Association. It's open everyday for $8 before 8 pm and $11 after 8:30 pm. Not able to trek south to Kendall Ice, Miami Beach has a swanky rink to call its own at Basement at The Edition hotel. It offers colored lighting and a state-of-the-art sound system that rivals any Miami Beach nightlife venue. 

Kendall Ice Arena

Public Pools: What could be better than chilling poolside with an ice cold drink and misting fans? Nothing. And it's definitely pool time at Hyde Beach at the SLS South Beach. The Los Angeles and Las Vegas hotspot is legendary for its Saturday parties, over-the-top drinks and bacchanalia. Bring your wallet, this pool is not cheap and needs your best "Miami chic" fashion sense to get through the door. For a low-key pool scene, head to Normandy Isle public pool in Miami Beach or Venetian Pool in Coral Gables. 

Hyde Beach at SLS South Beach

Ice Pops: Yes, the frozen snack that everyone remembers from their childhood has made a comeback. At OTL in Miami's Design District, the handmade ice pops are refreshing in a delicious array of flavors including lychee rosewater, strawberry mint, watermelon, oreo and chocolate lava, in addition to boozy ones like the Moscow Mule and Aperol Spritz. Open daily from 8 am to 6 pm. 

OTL handmade ice pops

Ice Bar: If being hot is a state of mind, the sub-zero, icey caverns of Drinkhouse Fire & Ice will have you thinking twice. Spend as much as you can withstand in Miami's first ice bar set at 23 degrees and made from 100,000 pounds of glacial ice. The Ice Bar Experience lasts 30-45 minutes and guests are provided with faux fur coats and gloves to keep warm. 

Winter-themed Libations: When fantasizing about colder climes to keep you refreshed doesn't work, the mixologists at Beaker & Gray are at the ready with their renditions inspired by the fantastical HBO show "Game of Thrones." Grab your coats for the chilly lineup of libations that include North of the Wall—Żubrówka bison grass vodka, berry-pine nut cordial and milk of poppy—and Castle Black—Kraken spiced rum, black orgeat, allspice dram and sombrero chocolate stout. 

Beaker & Gray

Portable Fans: Florida's former governor Charlie Christ who traveled with his portable fan during his gubernatorial re-election bid may have garnered chuckles. For some, fans are a creature comfort. Whether it helps provide white noise for a good night's sleep or a breeze while at the beach or camping, portable fans are the solution.

Nowadays, there are plenty to choose from: lightweight, rechargeable, foldable or handheld. In a pinch, pop into Sentir Cubano in Little Havana for a Flamenco-style handheld fan. For the portable variety, head to Brandsmart USA, a South Florida-based electronics retailer. Lasko has a line of space-saving desktop fans small enough to pack for the nightstand or take on a road trip.

Lasko desktop fan

Ceviche: For hot summer nights, ceviche is a tasty dish to try. It's so popular throughout Miami, you'll find it everywhere. Here are three of our favorites.

KYU's Chef Michael Lewis sources locally whenever possible for his take on Florida snapper ceviche tossed with fragrant coconut and spicy lime. At Makoto enjoy a generous helping of watermelon ceviche of bigeye tuna, crisp watermelon, octopus, white fish, squid, cucumber and crunchy wasabi peas. The dish is topped with serrano lime ice making it a perfect refreshing and light dish for summer. The mango—the"King of Tropical Fruits"—makes an appearance at Lima. Its mango ceviche features the catch of the day, lime juice and diced mangos for an added tropical flavor.

Makoto ceviche

Short and Sassy Haircuts: If you've always wanted to go short, summer is the best time to trim those locks. Located in the heart of Brickell, the stylists at Rik Rak Salon offer an impressive full-service menu for a hair makeover. A women's cut and style starts at $75 and men's for $45, plus add a conditioning treatment to complete the look. While you are there you can sip on a glass of wine or enjoy a delectable chef-crafted meal at the bar while you wait for your keratin treatment or balayage to process.

Rik Rak salon

Cold-pressed juices: Nourish and hydrate with cold-pressed juices made from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to replenish the electrolytes from sweating. Raw Juce, a Boca Raton-based juicer bar with locations throughout Miami, Aventura, Coral Gables and Palm Beach, will hit the spot. Its menu includes more than 20 cold-pressed organic juices, smoothies, shots and other organic snacks. 

Raw Juce

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