Four Thrill-Seeking Water Sports to Try in Miami

From jetpacks and space-age flyboards to personal watercrafts and parasailing, water sports fans can do it all here.

What does it feel like to see the city sights in a whole new way? What does it feel like to fly? To soar through the air—outside of the confines of an airplane—is an idea that piques the interest of many, but few can describe it. And even then, the experience is so unique, seasoned thrill-seekers have a tough time explaining the sensation.

Luckily, Miami and its beaches offer many places to satiate the adventure-driven curiosity of travelers and the latest crazes in water sports. 


For some, a trip to the beach is about more than sand, sun and ocean views. Here, a vacation is an opportunity for an adventure. That’s where AquaJet comes in. 

“People are always up to get out of their comfort zone, try something different and a little crazy,” said Mylene Garot, who handles public relations and business development for AquaJet. “They are challenging themselves to push back on their limits.”


When AquaJet entered the market they had a simple goal: to offer the public the “chance to fly.” So that’s what AquaJet does. The company raises the fun factor as it propels you up into the sky like a rocket in a jetpack. The experience is accessible for children as young as 12 and adults as old as 90, and with as little as a five-minute training.


Looking for a thrill without the work? At Miami Beach Parasail patrons are taken sky high into the clouds.

“Parasailing is an activity that almost everybody can experience," said Dan Breitenstein, the general manager at Miami Beach Parasail. “No experience is required. Our crew controls everything. You are just along for the ride.”

On the spectrum of extreme sports, parasailing’s level of excitement is tamer. Each flight lasts between 10 and 15 minutes, showcasing the “dramatic backdrop” of the Miami skyline and Miami Beach. “There’s only one South Beach, only one Miami,” Breitenstein said.

Pro-tip: Parasailing is weather-sensitive with flights dependent on wind and water conditions. Breitenstein recommends booking this activity early in a trip.

Miami Beach Parasail


It may not offer any fitness benefit, but flyboarding is the next big thing. It’s a “rush.” These experiences, well, they are "what dreams are made of,” said Alexander Maravegias, owner of Miami Flyboard

Maravegias explained what it’s like to take-off on a flyboard: a rider wears boots attached to a board with a hose connected to a personal water craft.

No matter how many times he goes up, the experience never gets old. “It’s unmatched,” he commented. “When you’re up there, you look down on the world below you and everyone is super small below you and it’s a really cool feeling,” he described.



Shawn Galicic fell in love with water sports as a tourist. He lived in Pittsburgh and while on a trip in Miami to visit a friend, was immediately drawn to the personal watercraft.

“The beautiful ocean colors, the spray of the Jet Ski on your face as you go, the smell of the salt water and the exhilaration is fantastic,” he said.

The experience captivated him. He decided his future was on the water. That was more than two decades ago. He has been in the jet-skiing business ever since. Miami Beachsports specializes in Jet Ski rentals—Yamaha Waverunners to be exact. Rentals range from $90 for half an hour to $150 for the hour.