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The Traveler's Guide to Miami [VIDEO]

Everything you need to know about your first visit to Miami in one video—from beaches and nightlife to dining, water sports, luxury shopping and the city's art scene.

Miami. We love that city for what it offers the traveler. It's the pan-American culture that so perfectly blends the United States with the Caribbean, Central, America, South America and even Europe. We love it for the beaches, and the condos and the resort hotels beside the beaches—all of it pushed up against a major urban center. We dream about the luxury yachts and glamorous homes along the city's waterways ... and the Cuban culture ... and the clubs where A-listers dance to the sounds of today's avant-garde DJs. We pull out our phones, turn on the camera and take photos of the blue waters that blend into the Atlantic.

So we sent our videographer, Zack Daniel, down to Miami for a week with a pile of gear, and asked him to check out South Beach's art-deco hotels, to see the city's golf scene, to ride on a yacht, to roam the beach and to stroll down Lincoln Road. A week later he came back with a suntan and a stack of memory cards filled with HD footage and produced a stunning video travel guide to Miami. Watch it here:

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