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The Best Hot Dogs in Miami

Enjoy Great Franks In The Florida Sun

​Miami doesn't do anything halfway—it's go big or go home. And that applies to hot dogs as well. If you're looking for some fantastic franks, head to one of these Miami eateries that are serving up some of the most impressive dogs in south Florida.

Dogma Grill

Grab some serious franks in a pretty unserious atmosphere. Dogma Grill serves big city dogs with the friendly service you'd expect from a small-town mom-and-pop joint. There are 13 different hot dogs on the menu hailing from cities around the United States. Take a bite of NY-style pushcart dogs or a Coney Island dog. Chicago and Boston are also represented. The "Tropical" is a Columbian adventure with 1,000 island dressing, pineapple, Swiss and crispy bacon. 

Arbetter's Hot Dogs

There's no better place to get a chili dog in Miami than Arbetter's Hot Dogs. This family-run hot dog spot has been around since the late 1950s, and the original chili sauce has kept generations of Miami families coming back again and again. Many dogs are boiled, including the famous chili dog, and none of them will run you more than $4 (unless you add on extra toppings). The grilled dogs are Sabrett's all-beef wieners. Get it Miami-style with mustard, mayo, onions, fresh tomatoes and crunchy potato sticks. Can't choose between all the toppings? The "Zelda" comes with everything on it. 

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Hot Dog (©Shutterbug75/Pexels)


While most folks go to Pincho for the burgers, those in the know come for the signature hot dog. There are numerous locations throughout Florida and five in and around the Miami area alone. If you're only going to have one hot dog on the menu, it better be amazing, and this one delivers. The frank is 100% beef and topped with both applewood smoked bacon and grilled pineapple. The secret house sauce and cilantro sauce add a creamy element and the papitas add an extra crunch. It's a very wallet-friendly option coming in under $7. 

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Hot Dog (©Jer Chung)

Babe's Meat & Counter

If you're staying home to grill, head to Babe's Meat Counter for supplies. Pick up freshly made sausages in flavors like mild Italian, chorizo and spicy fennel and cranberry. Babe's also carries Pig Man Goods all-beef franks and cheddarwurst. If there's rain in the forecast, let Babe's take care of the links. Babe's will griddle up hot dogs and cheddarwurst for take-out and delivery. 

El Alpha Dog

The 100% all-beef franks at El Alpha Dog are a great way to enjoy some franks and Miami's lively food truck scene. There are no plain jane dogs here. Each dog is piled with toppings and is definitely a two-hand endeavor. The eponymous dog is loaded up with onions, scallions, house sauce, pork belly (yeah, you read that right), Korean BBQ, sesame seeds and cilantro. The "El Mini Dog" is no small feat. This half-pound, absolute unit of a frank is slathered in cabbage, onions, shoestring fries, pecorino cheese, bacon and every condiment known to man (ketchup, mayo, mustard, and garlic sauce, specifically). Follow El Alpha Dog on social media for truck locations. 

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Classic Hot Dog (©Cottonbro/Pexels)

Monster Burgers

While it may have 'burgers' in the name, Monster Burgers hasn't forsaken the wiener. Social media is the best way to keep track of this food truck, and you'll want to on July 21. Both the "Monster Dog" and "Regular Dog" are quarter-pound, all-beef franks. Both are covered in mozzarella, Monster sauce and crushed potato chips, while the "Monster" adds onions and crispy bacon. There's also a chorizo dog for a little extra kick.