7 of Miami's Spiciest Dishes

These restaurants will make your mouth feel hot, hot, hot!

AZABU Miami Beach

Slipper lobster tempura is finished with spicy mayo and crispy bubu rice crackers. They're all about texture and flavor at this authentic new Japanese restaurant.

Sriracha House

This casual "customize your own bowl" restaurant lets customers control how hot they prefer their dish. Want it super-hot? Just ask! If you're not feeling creative choose from a pre-selected chef specialty including house favorite "Bring the Heat." This combo has udon noodles, beef, bok choy, baby corn, cilantro and Sriracha House Spicy Hot Chili Sauce. 

Sriracha House

Doc B's Fresh Kitchen

It’s not called the Dragon Burger for nothing. This indulgent entree at Doc B's Fresh Kitchen will have you “breathing fire” with their signature habanero-honey sauce, savory giardiniera slaw and melted monterey jack cheese.

Dragon Burger


This Peruvian restaurant has a vast and creative selection of ceviche. To really light up your taste buds order the Ceviche Anconero made with aji limo which is a hot, citrus-like pepper popular in Peruvian dishes. 

Chef Richard Hales’ Hot Chicken

Here, Chef Hales offers up his signature fried ‘Hot Chicken’ dish made with Florida Honey, House Mustard, Cucumber Pickle, and delicious Zak the Baker Country Bread to finish it off!

Chef Richard Hales’ Hot Chicken

Bombay Darbar Indian Cuisine

This restaurant is home to some of the best Indian cuisine in Miami and the Lamb Vindaloo is no exception. The delectable entree consists of boneless lamb and potatoes pieces cooked with vinegar in a spicy sauce and served over Basmati rice. Each dish is offered mild, low-medium, medium, high-medium, hot or super-hot. They will also make your rice extra-spicy upon request. 

Lolo’s Spicy Wings

This beachside authentic Mexican restaurant knows their spices. With the restaurant’s name in the dish, you know this thing is the real deal. Made with chipotle sauce and rancho sauce, thank god these babies are paired with refreshing and crunchy jicama sticks. Have a margarita ready just in case you can’t handle the kick!

Lolo’s Spicy Wings