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The Best Dining Trends in Miami [Video]

Where's video team heads to Miami to explore the restaurant scene, talk to top chefs and get inside some of the city's best restaurants.

With world-class seafood and a long growing season, Miami has the ingredients to bolster one of top food scenes in the country.

Restaurants like the James Beard Award winning, Miachel's Genuine Food and Drink, take advantage of the daily fresh catches and the abundance of local fruits and vegetables. Often crafting their menus hours before the restaurant opens, this Design District star utilizes its close relationships with farmers and fisherman to bring the best possible food to the people of Miami.

For the classics, head to the heart of South Beach where you'll find a variety of restaurants lining the streets ready to transport you to Havana in style. Sample the delicious dishes at Lario's on the Beach or Mango's Tropical Cafe. And don't forget to quench your thirst witha refreshing mojito.

Hit play and jump into Where's look at some of the city's dining trends, plus a quick video guide to the city's best upscale restaurants.