8 Must-Do Melbourne Experiences

You are going to want to check these items off your list for the ultimate Melbourne itinerary.
Melbourne is Victoria's capital, and Australia's coolest Southern city, although Hobart is a very close second these days. When you visit Melbourne you need to embrace the Melbourne way of life. From finding a bar down a hidden laneway to seeing an AFL game, here's our must-do Melbourne experiences.
(©Robert Blackburn/Visit Victoria)

Wander down one of Melbourne's iconic laneways, like Centre Place (pictured) or Flinders Lane, find a cafe and pull up a chair or a milk crate (the type of seating is in direct correlation to the coolness factor of said cafe). Order a coffee—maybe a flat white, a cappucino, or a soy latte—these days there are so many variations. Then simply sip and relax, you are on your way to being a true Melburnian.

(Courtesy Melbourne Cricket Ground)

AFL, or Aussie Rules football, is Victoria's favourite sport, and the hallowed grounds of the Melbourne Cricket Ground are AFL's spiritual home. Choose a team—if you ask locals they all have their favourite—don a scarf or jersey in support, and head to the MCG for an epic game of footy.

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Melbourne’s premier street art laneway is Hosier Lane. Located just opposite Federation Square, it runs between Flinders Street and Flinders Lane. The laneway itself is a visual overload of colours and images, the result of artwork on top of artwork being created. There’s a mix of tags and murals, as well as tribute pieces. Join the hordes, take a selfie, and if you are lucky, you might even catch an artist in action!

(©Visit Victoria)

Hang out at Federation Square, Melbourne's meeting place. Sit and marvel at this rather unique building. Find a local and then debate the architectural merits of this iconic structure. Eat at one of the restaurants, then visit the Australian Centre for the Moving Image or head to the Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia to see some incredible Australian art.

(©Yarra Trams)

Hop aboard a tram and see Melbourne on this iconic form of transport. Plus if you travel within the Free Tram Zone in the CBD, you don't have to pay a thing. Talk about a cheap sightseeing trip around the city—yes please!

(©Robert Blackburn/Visit Victoria)

Melbourne is known for its very "Melbourne-esque" bars: bars hidden down a laneway, bars hidden behind a secret door or bars hidden in plain sight on a rooftop (like Transit Rooftop Bar). There are too many "cool" bars to mention here, and half the fun is stumbling upon them for yourself.

(©Josie Withers Photography/Visit Victoria)

From world-class musicals and theatre, brilliant live music or major art exhibitions, Melbourne has it all. Visit theatres like the Princess Theatre or the Regent Theatre. Some may even go so far as to call Melbourne the Cultural Capital of Australia, but there is much debate to this, which bring us to our final must-do.

Top: (©Hamilton Lund/Destination NSW). Bottom: (©Josie Withers Photography/Visit Victoria)

The final part of your must-do Melourne experience is to debate whether Sydney or Melbourne is the better city. You can choose your side. Make like a local and join Team Melbourne, or pretend to be a sunny Sydneysider. Discuss whether Melbourne's Yarra River is any match for Sydney's harbour, or whether Sydney can compete with all of Melbourne's world-class sporting events, plus there's the cool factor of Melbourne's many hip bars. I'll try to stay impartial and say its best to visit both cities and make up your mind for yourself!