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Petrina Hicks, Australia born 1972, "Shenae and Jade", 2005. From "Untitled" series, 2005. Pigment inkjet print, 100 x 93cm (image). Collection of the artist, Michael Reid, Sydney and This Is No Fantasy, Melbourne. © Petrina Hicks. Courtesy of Michael Reid, Sydney and This Is No Fantasy, Melbourne

Petrina Hicks: Bleached Gothic

National Gallery of Victoria
9/27/19 to 3/29/20

Beauty and discomfort sit side by side in the hyperreal photographic work of Petrina Hicks. Studying and subverting the visual language of advertising culture through her meticulous portraits of children, animals and young women, the images—seductive at first—are undercut by a sense of the sinister. The "Bleached Gothic" exhibition at National Gallery of Victoria contains more than 50 photo and video works spanning 2003 to 2019.