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Haroon Mirza, "Pavilion for Optimisation", 2013. Installation view at Museum Tinguely, Basel, 2015. Credits: Museum Tinguely, Basel. Photo: Bettina Matthiessen.

ACCA International: Haroon Mirza

Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA)
9/14/19 to 11/17/19

Art meets musical composition meets electrical manipulation in the unusual and varied practice of Haroon Mirza. The London-based artist is not only exhibiting at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA) this month, but completely overhauling it, using its vast architecture to create a reverberation chamber as part of a show entitled “The Construction of an Act”. The exhibition constitutes this year’s iteration of the annual “ACCA International”, whereby ACCA presents the work of an international artist at a pivotal point in their career.