It’s A Wrap

That a rectangular piece of cloth could have so many uses is a testament to the imagination. Need a beach wrap? Reach for a pareo. Looking for a tablecloth? Spread one out. Need a splash of color on that forlorn-looking wall? Choose a pattern that brings the ocean or forest into your home.

• Wrap a pareo around your waist and tie the ends to make a skirt.

• Drape it lengthwise across your back and under your arms. Criss-cross the ends at your throat, and tie them behind your neck. Voila! You’re wearing a sarong dress.

• Fold the fabric into halves and tie the two top corners together. Repeat with the bottom corners. Slip your arms through the two large holes of a butterfly jacket. Tie an additional knot in the center of the back, and create a starburst.

• Tie the pareo under your arms, center front, widthwise. Bring the other end of the fabric to the waist, under your legs, tie the ends, and you’re wearing a jumpsuit.

• Drape it on your shoulders; it’s a shawl.

Pareos can be found at ABC Stores, T-Shirt Factory, Whaler’s General Store and Maui Water Wear.