Luscious Luau

Originally called an ‘aha ‘aina or pā‘ina in the old days, these feasts were a way to thank the gods and celebrate the bounty of the land. While lū‘au have changed significantly in modern times, it’s still an essential part of life in Hawai‘i and is something every visitor should experience. Here on the Garden Isle, there are different ways to lū‘au.

At Kilohana Plantation’s
Luau Kalamaku, polished dancers and a state-of-the-art media system tell an epic tale of migration and survival. Hula, Tahiaian dance, fire-knife dancing and Polynesian drumbeats are spiced with a bountiful feast of Hawaiian and international dishes, proudly prepared with fresh produce and seafood from the island. Kaua‘i greens, Kaua‘i papaya and pineapple, Thai curry and mahimahi add to the international flavors. 877.622.1780.

A fresh flower lei and the ceremonial sounding of the conch shell welcome you to the
Grand Hyatt Kaua‘i Lū‘au, where the evening’s festivities include hula and Hawaiian crafts in a garden setting. The feast is grand, an all-you-can-eat buffet: salads, fresh island fish, roasted pig and other traditional and contemporary Island favorites. The show, “Havaiki Nui…A Journey To New Lands,” leads you across the Pacific in a production highlighting the full range of Polynesian entertainment. 808.742.1234.

On the banks of the sacred Wailua River, the
Smith Family Garden Lū‘au is held on the grounds of Smith’s Tropical Paradise, a 30-acre cultural and botanical park. The ceremonial unearthing of the pig from the imu, the underground oven, is always something to behold. Members of the Smith family, who have been offering tours of the river for four generations, are cordial hosts. The show includes dances from the Pacific Rim, including Asia, in the spacious open-air, torch-lit Pele Amphitheater. 808.821.6895.

The Garden Isle’s “only oceanfront lū‘au” is just footsteps away from the crescent shaped Po‘ipū Beach. The
Sheraton Kaua‘i Resort’s “Surf to Sunset Lū‘au” features award-winning entertainment and an extensive menu that includes traditional Hawaiian dishes, such as kālua pig, poi and poke, and others inspired by North and Southeast Asia. 808.742.1661.