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Meet Hotel California on Wheels

Cabin overnights travelers from Los Angeles to San Francisco.
There's a new way to maximize your travel time between Los Angeles and San Francisco. And it doesn't require you store up on snacks, laden yourself with caffeine and make sure your phone has enough juice to keep your nav running.Cabin, a startup that's a pod hotel on wheels, whisks travelers through California.All images ©Cabin

Each day, 32,000 drivers make the 500-mile trip between Los Angeles and San Francisco on their own time. On Cabin, you can leave those worries behind—board and move out at 11 pm then wake up refreshed in a new city at 7 am.

Demand for Cabin's moving hotel service has been unprecedented; the sleeper bus' 2016 test run sold out in three days and there's a waiting list of 20,000 travelers. 

Sleep easily inside Cabin's private pods, complete with heavy-duty curtains and provided bedding.

Pods are equipped with reading lights, personal power outlets with USB sockets and free Wi-Fi.

Sleeping pods have noise-cancelling abilities but earplugs are also provided.

There is a 24/7 attendant is there to fulfill any requests during the ride.

The bus has a first-floor lounge with bathroom. Snacks and beverages are provided during the journey. 

Riders are allowed two pieces of luggage each, in addition to a small carry-on—purse, laptop, etc.—that can fit inside the sleeping pod.