Where to Find Espresso-Strength Tea in L.A.

A tea alternative to coffee makes its presence known in the City of Angels.

Health-conscious Los Angelenos now have a healthy alternative to coffee to kickstart their day—or keep it going.

On Sept. 15, Teaspressa, partnering with Primal Kitchen, formally introduced its gourmet tea to Culver City when it opened Teaspressa Signature Café. Innovator—and self-described "big coffee person"—Allison DeVane brought her unique process of brewing loose leaf tea, allowing the creation of tea lattes and coffee-inspired beverages that contain as much caffeine as espresso, but with the health benefits of traditional tea.

According to DeVane, education was 95 percent of the battle and getting customers to try the product made Los Angeles a natural choice.

"Everybody [in Los Angeles] got it instantly," said DeVane. "The customers were looking to try an alternative to coffee. Those that love that lifestyle understand the product off the bat. People really into coffee and health in general get it." DeVane, who routinely puts in 15-plus hour days in Phoenix where she runs the Teaspressa empire, was able to take some time in Los Angeles to relax.

"I love the Farmers Market there. I like to stroll on the beach and explore around. Like when I’m in New York, I like to walk around and check out the stores," DeVane said.

Teaspressa is already in Primal Kitchen in South Bend, Indiana, and plans are to open in Sacramento and Santa Monica early in 2018 then in Dallas in February or March followed by Portland and Las Vegas in the spring.

Allison DeVane