Rose McGowan's Favourite Things to Do in London

Rose McGowan is an actor and activist. Born in Florence, she lived in L.A. and has now lives in London. Her autobiography "Brave" explores feminism and equality, which she speaks about at the Queen Elizabeth Hall (4 May).

Tell us about your book, "Brave".
The book is about the inequalities and injustices in the entertainment industry. I’m very proud of how I have crafted this—it’s written in an unusual way. I break the fourth wall, speak to the reader, and go back into my story. I criss-cross an autobiography and a manifesto—I felt my brain grew a terabyte writing it.

Why should readers come to the "Brave" tour?

Southbank Centre, London,  UK
The riverside Southbank Centre holds the Royal Festival Hall and the Queen Elizabeth Hall. (©Morley von Sternberg)

I want people to continue the conversation with the rest of the world, which is what I wanted when I set out with all of this. I think that’s the way to do it. It’s definitely going to be a really interesting evening at Queen Elizabeth Hall. One that won’t be boring, that’s for sure!

What buildings do you like in London?

Blavatnik building, extension of Tate Modern, London, UK
The Blavatnik building is the new extension of Tate Modern, which has increased its exhibition space. (©Iwan Baan)

I like the works in Tate Modern a lot. I love Brutalist architecture, like the Southbank Centre.

Where do you like to shop?

Broadway Market, London, UK
Broadway Market has many stalls with vintage books, clothes and accessories, plus food. (©Paolo Paradiso/iStock)

I love browsing Broadway Market; they have some cool vintage clothing stores there. I also like Liberty department store—it’s extremely expensive, but beautiful.

How do you prefer to travel around?
I'm getting to like the Tube. I’m learning it and it’s going quite well. It’s certainly easier to navitage than New York City’s subway!

What green spaces do you like in London?

Regent's Park, London, UK
Regent's Park is one of London's best-loved royal parks. (©Luke Abrahams/iStock)

I love Regent’s Park, especially the view over the rest of London from the top of Primrose Hill, which featured so prominently in the film "101 Dalmations".

Where do you like to eat out? 
I love eating at Lemonia, in Primrose Hill. It’s a longstanding, family-run Greek restaurant which makes fabulous dishes.

And where would you go for a drink?
Chiltern Firehouse is owned by the same people who own a place I used to go to in Los Angeles, so it feels kind of similar. We gravitate towards "similar" when we are in different places. 

Any place in London that holds a special memory?

Little Venice, London, UK
Canals lace the outskirts of the city centre, including in the picturesque Little Venice neighbourhood. (©Will Brasil21/iStock)

I love the peaceful canals around the city. I’ve had some good walks at night on the canal.

What type of entertainment do you prefer?
I saw Adam Kay give a talk recently about his book, "This Is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor". That was a great night out. I've also watched opera here recently, and that was great.

What makes London stand out from the rest of the world?
Intellect. I find it more intellectually stimulating than other places I have visited. I find that people read a lot here; I like that—reading is good.