Ronan Keating's Perfect Day in London

Lead singer of popular boy band Boyzone, and now the star of the musical Once, tells us about his ideal day in London.

Ronan Keating is best known a lead singer and songwriter for Boyzone, but he's now on stage in the London musical Once. Here are his favourite things to do in London.

What time would you wake up?

Right now I'm waking up about 6:30 am to get into the theatre for rehearsals for Once. It’s so exciting to have this new challenge—even though mornings are dark and cold, I’m jumping out of bed.

Where would have your perfect breakfast?

I love the Grind coffee shop in Putney. It serves the best coffee in London and incredible smashed avocado on sourdough toast.

What are your favourite landmarks?

I recently drove past the Houses Of Parliament, and just marvelled at the amazing architecture.  It is so beautiful and has such stunning detail. It’s a joy to look at and such an iconic place.

Houses of Parliament on the River Thames, London
The landmark Houses of Parliament with Big Ben (©Peresanz/iStock/Thinkstock)

What place is your sanctuary?

I think the kitchen in my home is my place to retreat. Whether I’m cooking dinner or playing the guitar it’s the place I feel most relaxed.

Tell us your favourite green spaces.

Hyde Park is just magnificent. Having that swathe of green and trees in the middle of the city is wonderful, and like everywhere in London it has an amazing history. Boyzone played there last summer and it was such a moment for us Irish lads to be in the centre of London playing to 45,000 people.

Hyde Park in Central London
Hyde Park, one of London's famous Royal Parks (©Giles Barnard/iStock/Thinkstock)

Where do you like to shop?

I adore Liberty or Selfridges—for me they are the best stores. Although I’m more likely to be in a butchers nowadays than a clothes shop.

The famous store Liberty of London
Liberty of London has an iconic frontage, with a vast range of homeware and fashions (©Liberty of London)

Would you do anything extravagant?

I’m not really an extravagant person, but for work I have been lucky enough to helicopter ride over the city. You get a great view from up there, seeing the city all laid out below you.

Where would you have lunch?

For a favourite place to have lunch I would pick somewhere on the river, Storm and I like to wander along the river and find a cosy spot for lunch—which some great food and looking out onto the water.

What museums would you visit? 

I love taking my children to the Science Museum. It’s so entertaining and is great for children as well as adults. What I really love is the amount kids can learn whilst having so fun and exploring − it is incredible.

Science Museum, London
Fun for all ages at displays at London's Science Museum (courtesy the Science Museum)

Who would you have tea with?

I’d have to say, if I’m allowed to have a cup of tea with anyone it would have to be with The Queen. How English is that!

Tell us your favourite pubs.

A pint of the black stuff [Guinness] with the Boyzone lads in a London boozer cannot be beat. I like those places that always seem smoky, even though no one smokes in pubs anymore.

Any place in London that holds a special memory?

At the moment it’s the Phoenix Theatre—it is currently my home. I love standing in the auditorium when its empty and just looking round.

Phoenix Theatre, venue of Once the Musical, London
The historic Phoenix Theatre, venue of Once the Musical (courtesy Phoenix Theatre)

What would be your perfect evening’s entertainment?

The theatre in London is incredible. It’s the greatest city in the world to see musical theatre and plays.

Where would you love to spend the night?

I’d love to spend the night with the kids in the Natural History Museum, with torches and sleeping bags!


See Ronan Keating in Once The Musical to 21 March.