Great Grooming for Guys in London

Murdock blends the best of the barbershop tradition with the thrilling flair of the new.

London is a city the world likes to watch—there’s an infectious sense of being under the spotlight that every visitor picks up on when they’re here. No wonder then that a truly successful break in the UK’s capital dictates you must pack well for the trip and then sample some of the outstanding grooming services when you get here.

Shave at Murdoch's, London, UK
It's a close shave at this traditional yet cool barber. (Courtesy Murdock's London)

Murdock was an early innovator that helped fuel the city’s decade-long men’s grooming boom. Back in 2006, founder Brendan Murdock seized on a spirited business formula, mixing the service of a classic St James’ barbershop with a modern twist. Now grand tradition could be served up with a more 21st-century sensibility and cutting-edge style. That first salon in London’s trendy Shoreditch district was soon joined by six others across the capital, including a concession at leading department store Liberty.

The treatments are first-class. The Murdock London Luxury Full Service (£120), for example, offers a shampoo and haircut, wet shave, facial and manicure or shoe shine. Taking almost two hours, it offers a fantastic break from sightseeing and shopping, and should be just the tonic you’ll likely need after a long flight to get here.

Murdock's gents barbers, London, UK
Murdock's offers a classic yet cool interior, with plenty of products to choose from. (Courtesy Murdock's London)

Murdock’s experienced barbers spend time, often while you’re relaxing with a whiskey or beer, really understanding what you want before the pampering begins the magic of the transformation. Murdock is rightly famous for its range of products and you can pick from these to match your taste or mood. Avalon is the brand’s signature scent—heavy citrus tones, echoing the sort of crisp, masculine note much favoured today—and is certainly one top recommendation, but the wide range may just leave you spoilt for choice.

But you can’t really go wrong. There’s an attention to detail that underpins everything: the look of the salons, the expert service and the products. A visit certainly is one of our must-do’s to pick during your stay. Master Barber Alex Glover, now at the Shoreditch branch, started at Murdock in 2007. His take on a great haircut? Versatility.

“A cut that allows elements of playfulness and relaxed style to be controlled and groomed into something very smart,” he says. An answer like that demonstrates why you’ll be in the best possible hands.