Act Like a Kid in London with these Fun Activities

Don’t let the kids have all the fun—the city is a playground for adults, too. If you’re keen to regress, follow these tips on how to feel like a big kid.

Tackle an Obstacle Course

You might remember a TV show called "Total Wipeout", on which adult contestants tackle brightly coloured obstacle courses above water. Apparently, that course is in Argentina, which is another rather large obstacle for me, but now there’s something similar in Alexandra PalaceThe Monster is an inflatable, colourful and beastly obstacle course, designed just for adults. It’s in the north London hilltop venue for six days (23-28 Aug), bringing with it all sorts of other fun activities too. Try drag queen karaoke, a game called ‘Mega Beer Pong’ and a unicorn flamingo ball pit. What else could you possibly want for your summer entertainment? The Monster is open from 10am to 11pm, and booking is essential.

Visit Ballerson’s house

Ballie Ballerson, London, UK
Get in touch with your inner child as you leap into the ball pit. (©Ballie Ballerson)

What happens inside this Shoreditch bar is just as fun as its name. Ballie Ballerson is a huge venue on Curtain Road filled with plastic balls and tipsy adults, who alternate between sipping cocktails and swimming around in two neon-glowing ball pits. Even the cocktail menu is engineered to thrill your childish side, filled with sugary, retro ingredients such as Skittles, Sherbet Dip Dabs and bubblegum flavours.

Take a Zip Trip

Zip Now, London, UK
Fly through the air on a zip line at Zip Now. (©Zip Now)

Zip Now has returned to a centrally located little park with a massive zip line. Jump off a wobbly step that’s about 10 storeys above the ground and get ready to squeal—the zip trip goes incredibly fast. When you reach the second, shorter tower, you have the choice between leaving by the stairs or jumping off attached to a bungee cord.

Join the Undead

London Bridge Experience, London, UK
One of most terrifying attractions in London–can you handle the zombies at the London Bridge Experience? (©London Bridge Experience)

If you loved hide and seek as a child, you’ll enjoy being a Zombie for a Day at The London Bridge Experience. This attraction in London Bridge guides visitors from one ghoulish episode of London’s history to another. Beneath that, the London Tombs are deep underground and much scarier, where actors in costumes jump out at you. Zombie for a Day allows over-18s to join in, after you’ve enjoyed a special effects make-up class and received zombie-style acting tips.

Enjoy a Cult Classic 

Although it doesn’t seem usual to recommend visiting a cinema when you’re visiting London, but the Prince Charles Cinema is a little bit different. It runs an excellent programme with films presented in fun ways. For example, it has shown every single Harry Potter film, in order, one after another plus a festive "Muppets Christmas Carol" singalong screening, and a "Mean Girls" quote-along event. Look out for both "Wayne’s World" movies, back-to-back (30 Aug) and the "1999 Teen Movie Pyjama Party" (31 Aug), which runs all night.

Have a Sleepover at the Zoo

London Zoo Lodge, London, UK
Spend the night by wild creatures for an after-dark experience at ZSL London Zoo. (©ZSL)

Get close to nature and spend the night at ZSL London Zoo. The world-famous zoo has its own lodges—nine brightly coloured cabins that you can rent for the night. You don’t need to worry about finding a tiger in your toilet, but the London Zoo Lodge package grants access to the animals after dark, when your guide will show you around the zoo and share insider tips on the animals that you’ll see.

Put Some Putting in your Party

What could possibly improve on the crazy-golf course experiences that you probably had when you were little? Four bars! Swingers West End is a crazy-golf venue that only admits over-18s. Inside, you’ll find two different golf courses to try, each with nine holes and elaborate things to putt around, like a spinning Ferris wheel or an illuminated lighthouse. The place has a British seaside theme and, with multiple dining options, you could spend hours there.

Get Your Skates on

Roller Nation, London, UK
Whiz around the floor at the roller disco. (©Roller Nation)

Nothing takes you back to your childhood like pulling them on. If you feel the same, visit Roller Nation. It’s in north London, between Wood Green and Walthamstow, but thanks to the Victoria Line you’ll be there in about 30 minutes from Oxford Circus. Roller Nation describes itself as a nightclub on wheels and comes courtesy of Tony Askew, who has worked on the London nightlife scene for decades. Formerly known as Roller Disco at Renaissance Rooms in Vauxhall, it moved into this new space in January—so you’ll help Roller Nation celebrate its first summer.