Score a Bullseye at This New London Bar

The new Flight Club bar in London gives a stylish twist to the traditional British pub game.

The English have always enjoyed a game of darts, but the "sport" has come a long way since it was played by beer-bellied guys scoffing pork scratchings in smoke-filled pubs. If Flight Club’s aim was to bring this addictive game—where darts are thrown at a target on a circular board—into the modern age, then it certainly hit the target. The venue is dubbed "social darts" for a reason.

On the edge of the City and hipster haven Shoreditch, Flight Club is a cavernous venue packed with business people and trendy young things alike. Despite its size, the venue is warm and welcoming, thanks to its dark wood panelling, leather sofas and twinkly fairy lights.

Drinks at Flight Club, London, UK
Try the cocktails or a pint of beer to steady your hand playing darts (©Flight Club)

With three different throw lines, everyone can play and anyone can win—you might surprise yourself and score a bullseye! Bespoke technology adds up the scores for you, so you can concentrate on the important things: eating and drinking. You don't even have to break off from your game for a bar run—just press a button on an iPad screen and a waiter will come over to take your order.

The cocktail menu is short, sweet and reasonably priced. Try the slushy Pina Colada, a fun twist on the classic drink, or Cupid's Arrow, a moreish concoction of vodka, kaffir lime, peach and Prosecco. Or you could play darts the British way, with a tankard of beer in hand.

Flight Club, London, UK
Dark wood and low lighting helps create a homely atmosphere (©Flight Club)

The food menu is full of sharing plates such as popcorn mussels, smoked salt and chilli vinegar, or buttermilk fried chicken with chipotle and lime mayo. Don't miss the fiery pork and fennel sausage pizza, it's divine. 

With friendly staff and a lively atmosphere, Flight Club has given darts a new lease on life. And there's not a packet of pork scratchings in sight.

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