Chutney Mary – A New Location for this Indian Restaurant

For an authentic taste of India in the heart of London, visit Chutney Mary in its smart new St. James’s location

It’s often said that London is the best place outside of India to try Indian cuisine. Thanks to restaurants by Camellia and Namita Panjabi, which have bought Indian food to the masses and made it upmarket, that is true. Today, no trip to London is complete without trying Indian cuisine. For a meal to remember, Chutney Mary gives you a taste of India in the heart of London.

Chutney Mary, which opened on the King’s Road in 1990, was awarded a Michelin star. Last month it moved to St. James’s Street, a short walk from Piccadilly Circus. The interior is tastefully decorated with paintings sourced by the sisters on their travels. Some areas have white tablecloths; others have patterned sofas with blue velvet cushions.   


Interior of Chutney Mary, London, UK
Many of the items in the restaurant have been collected by the sisters on their travels (courtesy Chutney Mary)

The menu has lots of fresh fish dishes, especially starters, such as Goa crab cake and the samosa, a popular Indian snack, that is updated with venison. The slow-cooked meat dishes are a must: the butter chicken doused in a caramelised tomato sauce is impressive, and the Hyderabadi lamb shank that has been cooked for six hours is a tender treat. For the real Indian experience, make sure you order the tandoori roti or garlic naan; the traditional breads are great for scooping up the curries.

While there is an extensive wine list, many classic cocktails have an Indian twist: the Pimm’s has spices, and the mojito comes with mango. With Indian food this good, it’s easy to see why it’s the national cuisine.

Masala Grill, London, UK
The Panjabi sisters also own Masala Grill (courtesy Masala Grill restaurant)

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