Discover Your Inner Star Wars Character at this London Exhibition

We find the forces that shape us at the highly anticipated Star Wars Identities exhibition.

Enter a world of Jedi Knights and bounty hunters, Wookiees and Gungans, Death Stars and Millennium Falcons, at this major exhibition at London’s O2 Arena.

"Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition" at The O2 Arena (to Sep 2017) showcases the 200-strong treasure trove of costumes, props and models alongside educational videos that place each set, theme or plot in context. But the costume and set displays are only one part of the exhibition. X3 Productions and LucasFilm Ltd. have created a second, more personal dimension, beginning with an education in the lives of father-son, hero-villain duo: Luke and Anakin Skywalker.

Star Wars exhibit at The O2 Arena, London, UK
See larger-than-life characters from the Star Wars films at this unique exhibition. (©Lucas Films Ltd All Rights Reserved)

Ten components that shape their characters set the scene for a journey of self-discovery, as each visitor is faced with the ultimate introspective question: What forces shape you?

The inter-galactic phenomenon of the Star Wars franchise has spanned eight films over four decades, amassing billions of dollars in revenue. The genius of creator George Lucas’s pseudo-scientific approach has been painstakingly fused into every set, prop, stage and costume of every film. As production technology has improved through the years, so has the sensual feast with which each blockbuster serves its adoring fans. So it’s no wonder that the Star Warsfollowing traverses generations and cultures.

Star Wars exhibition, The O2 Arena, London, UK
Han trapped in carbonite in the Star Wars exhibition. (©Lucas Films Ltd All Rights Reserved)

Armed with a data-collecting wristband, you can build your own Star Wars character through the exploration and understanding of these 10 characteristic nuances.

The final challenge comes from the heavy breathing, biomechanical villain Darth Vader. While you stand in a gallery among several of his evil peers staring ominously towards you, a request from the epitome of evil: Will you join him on the dark side? Accept or reject; only the force can tell…