Charlotte Dujardin OBE: My Perfect Day in London

Olympic Gold Medallist, the dressage rider Charlotte Dujardin, talks to us about her favourite things to do in the city

Charlotte Dujardin OBE is a world-class dressage rider. She holds many gold medals, including the London 2012 Olympics, European Championships and world champion, and is Britain’s most successful-ever dressage rider. She was brought up in Enfield, northeast London, and began riding at the age of two.

Charlotte is taking part in the London International Horse Show at Olympia, 15-21 December.

On your perfect day, what time would you wake up?

7am at the latest! I’m always an early riser. 

What would your perfect breakfast be, and where?

I’ve been to The Wolseley before and it was lovely, so I think I’ll have breakfast there.

What are your favorite buildings in the city? 

All of London’s iconic buildings are always special, particularly the Palaces and Royal Albert Hall.

Royal Albert Hall, London, UK

If you could visit any special venue, where would you go?

For me December in London is all about Olympia, London International Horse Show. Having first appeared there as an eight-year old with my sister, it was always a special place for me especially in the run up to Christmas.

How about shopping?

I like the high street for fashion, but we do nip to Bond Street and Savile Row when we’re in central London.

Bond Street, London, UK

What's your favorite item that you have brought in London?

From Olympia: my lucky breeches!

What is your favorite place to have lunch? 

Buckingham Palace! I have had lunch there before – it was an amazing experience.

Buckingham Palace, London, UK

How do you prefer to travel around London? 

I would love to travel around London by horse but sadly that’s not always possible. I’m very happy with public transport.

Would you do anything extravagant? 

I’d love to do a helicopter ride!

Is there anywhere in London you would call your sanctuary?

When I am in London it’s always hectic but I love Hyde Park. I rode with the Cavalry there and it’s a beautiful spot. I adore the open spaces there, whatever time of year.

Hyde Park, London, UK

Would you stop for tea – and who’s your ideal companion?

I have had tea with the Queen and she is incredible; A truly inspiring woman. 

Is there a place in London that holds a special memory for you?

Greenwich Park; It may seem slightly peculiar given London has so many iconic sights but winning two gold medals in the London Olympic Games in 2012 was made all the more special by it being at such an beautiful setting.

Greenwich Park, London, UK

What would be your perfect evening's entertainment?

A night in with my partner’s home-cooked salmon, cooked in orange and sweet chilli, followed by my guilty pleasure, ice cream.

Where would you love to spend the night?

I’d love to spend a night at the Ritz hotel, as its an iconic landmark for the city.


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