8 Great Venues for Breakfast in London

A good breakfast sets you up perfectly for a busy day. Discover cosmopolitan London's endless choice, from Indian dosas to black pudding from Bury

A good breakfast will set you up perfectly for a busy day. And, this being London, there’s an endless choice for a hearty feed, from Indian dosas to Peruvian eggs. Take a look at some of the venues on offer, demonstrating that it’s not just the English who know how to make a great breakfast!


This really is a one-stop-shop for food, for all the family. The Garfunkel's branches have an extensive menu with everything from rotisserie chicken to goats' cheese pizza. But breakfast really gets the day going: if you want hearty and go for home-made porridge with berries; healthy types could have egg-white omelette with spinach; or for those with a full-on appetite then the big Garfunkel's breakfast fits the bill – a huge English breakfast with Cumberland sausages, eggs and cubed potatoes. 

Chutney Mary

Chutney Mary Indian restaurant, London, UK

It’s one of London’s most established Indian restaurants, relocated to stylish St. James. Now offering breakfast, Chutney Mary lets you start the day with jowar dosa (filled savoury pancake) with chutney or akoori on toast (Indian take on scrambled eggs with chilli) and washed down with Madras coffee or chai. There’s also a classic English breakfast for anyone who wants to stick to what they’re used to.

Leicester House

If location is everything, then this new 17-room boutique hotel has it nailed. Leicester House is on the very edge of Chinatown, and you’re just around the corner to Leicester Square. In its comfortable dining room, the menu is short but the classics are here, from fresh pastries and juice to scrambled eggs with avocado, hot smoked salmon and scorched cherry tomatoes. There’s even a tiny terrace should you be treated to a sunny morning.

Mele e Pere

Fresh bread at Mele e Pele, London, UK

This earthy Italian trattoria in Soho is a venue more famed for its homemade Vermouth cocktails than its morning sustenance. But Mele e Pere's new breakfast is its launch into the (relatively) unknown, with a great selection of Italian coffee and sweet treats such as bombolone (custard cream pastry). Serious eaters should go for the full breakfast boccone: a rich sausage, smoked pancetta and a tangy house relish on sourdough bread. It’s a breakfast bap a few notches above the normal.


Pancakes at Aubaine, London, UK

The rustic interior of Aubaine combines a Parisian brasserie setting with a Provençal bistro. Whether you want to start the day with a pain au chocolat and double espresso or a "full French"—Toulouse sausage, Alsace bacon and Provençale haricot beans—the atmosphere is comfortable and convivial. But the real highlight is the pancakes and French toast with fresh blueberries.


English breakfast at Cicchetti, London, UK

By Cicchetti's own admission, “The Italians are great at many things but the English still serve the best breakfast in the world.” It’s probably why the chic all-day Italian restaurant in Covent Garden has nodded to the traditional English cooked breakfast: two eggs, smoked bacon, two Lancashire farm pork and leek sausages and the extra special addition of black pudding from Bury. But if you still want a taste of la dolce vite, indulge in one of their breakfast cocktails: perhaps a breakfast Bellini or Martini.


Filled croissants at Paul

Spend enough time around central London and you’ll soon spot a few Paul’s bakery outlets. Established in 1889, the family-owned company originating in Northern France has brought its bakery brilliance to the capital. At its dining outlets, at Bedford Street in Covent Garden and Tower 42 in the City, breakfast is served until noon, using the time-honoured tradition that a great breakfast begins with great bread. Eggs dishes are the main draw, with Bénédicte, a la coque or simply pochés. Enjoy with a shared corbeille Boulanger and it’ll set you up well for the day.

Lima Floral

A taste of South America comes to London with Lima Floral, sister restaurant to Michelin-starred Lima. The good news is that this popular eatery has just started to serve breakfast. Enjoy a Peruvian take on European faves such as eggs frittata, made with spring onions, aji Amarillo (a type of pepper) and goat’s cheese. Or a how about a hearty Peruvian Breakfast Club Sandwich: toasted yellow chilli bread with organic chicken and suckling pig.

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