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BFI Southbank


Hawaiians Prove to Be Polynesian Navigation Stars

Since today’s society relies heavily upon the advances of technology, especially when it comes to GPS navigation, it’s almost inconceivable to believe that humans once sailed blindly across the immense watery world of the Pacific Ocean by solely using their hands and feet and the...

Vision Leads to Village Restoration Project

Rupert Rowe sits on a log in the only shade found on the southeast corner of Po‘ipū and Ho‘owili roads on Kaua‘i’s South Shore. The sliver of shade comes from the trunk of a felled banyan tree, which if its girth is any indication, once towered over the area.




3 Historic Miami Neighborhoods to Get to Know

Even though Miami is a young city, having been incorporated just 120 years ago, some neighborhoods are hoping to hold onto what makes their fascinating past.

“Knocking down old buildings and slapping up a new [one], then everybody’s neighborhood would look the same,” said Annalisa Damley...