Top Things to Do in Miami

Top attractions and destinations for travelers visiting Miami, including trendy neighborhoods, shopping districts, dance clubs, museums and more

Public House


Vertigo Sky Lounge


The Violet Hour


10 Miami Rooftop Bars You Have to Visit

New York may be the ancestral home of the rooftop bar, but in Miami it takes a whole different vibe.

For starters, Miami's sky-high hotspots are open all year. Our rooftop hangouts are for much more than sipping drinks, bar bites and cool breezes—some are full-fledged James Beard Award-winning restaurants with extensive menus, tucked inside historic or modern hotels, and even a parking garage.

So next time you walk pass by one of these places, make sure to look up! 

The Best Gin Bars in London

Love gin? Then you’ve come to the right city. Since the Middle Ages, London has been distilling vast quantities of the spirit, which is derived from juniper berries.

So much so that by the mid-18th century, the capital was said to be in the grip of a "gin craze," forcing Parliament to...

The Lure Group Offers Hot Spots for a Night Out in New York City

“What do you want to eat?” and “What should we do tonight?” are the beginnings of a dialogue that so many of us get wrapped up in almost nightly with friends and family.

Skip the banter and—when looking for a great place to relax in NYC—take your friends to...

Bar 1919


In Baltimore: Happenin’ Hampden

Growing up in Hampden, Deb Falkenhan remembers her mother relied on a lot of Aqua Net hairspray and a terry cloth towel to keep her updo in place overnight. It was the 1960s, and the working-class enclave north of the ...

How to Spend 24 Hours in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale offers plenty of fun for travelers of all ages. From water sports and beaches to fabulous dining and craft beer, here’s a perfect itinerary for solo travelers, families and couples looking for a quick getaway.


Watch the sunrise over the beach—or just wake...