Legendary Cocktails

In an original decor, Le Wildrik sits as Paris’s new hot cocktail bar. Francesco, the talented barman who won the prize for best Mojito in 2010 while still working at the Havana Club, will blow you away with his delicious drinks. Located in the trendy Marais district, the bar is named after the eccentric Dutch businessman, Wildrik Van Der Weiden, who fell in love with a prostitute while on a trip to Paris. With his advances toward the young Manon rejected, Wildrik drowned his sorrows in bars all around the city before embarking on his world travels to find the best spices and rare alcohol so as to create the best cocktail in the world for his love. The years passed as he spent endless nights trying to find that perfect mix. Totally cut off from the rest of the world, Wildrik was later found dead along with 200 cocktail recipes, not one of which was ever tasted by Manon.

Le Wildrik, 20 rue de Picardie (3rd), 06 47 49 58 88