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Pet-Friendly Las Vegas: The Best Pet Accommodations

Las Vegas has an abundance of dog boarding facilities likely to get two paws up from your pup.

Finding care for your furbaby is almost as stressful as finding daycare for your children. Dogs are family, too, so providing them the best boarding facility while we are away is no exception. It is helpful to have a place you trust in the event you have to suddenly separate from your canine companion, even for just a few days. Based on data from SmartAsset from the 100 largest cities in America, Las Vegas ranks number six for dog friendliest cities. Look into boarding facilities even when you do not have a trip planned so that you can make an informed choice when the time is needed without having to make last-minute decisions. 

A Place for Your Pup

Dropping your pup off at the boarding facility is best before any trip to help lessen stress. Always do your research on the facilities you choose. Every dog is different. Regardless of online reviews, you or your pup may not like a particular boarding facility for personal reasons. Choose a facility that suits your dog’s needs. Some pets need a lot of socialization and playtime, while others may need extra love to address some separation anxiety. 

Luxe Pet Hotels

Luxe Pet Hotels offers luxury dog and cat boarding as well as a doggy daycare for day visitors. On-site staff is available 24/7 to ensure that the facilities are always clean and that all furry guests are safe and comfortable. At Luxe Pet Hotels, all breeds are welcome. Dogs are separated by size in 21,500 square foot indoor and outdoor play areas.

Your furbaby will feel extra special with the exceptional amenities and services offered. In the Celebrity Suite, your furbaby will have complete privacy in a full-sized room with a King/Queen Memory Foam bed, 42-inch television, ambient lighting and 24/7 camera access so you can watch while you are away. Additional services include an on-site certified dog masseuse, grooming and an on-call veterinarian available 24/7.

Luxe Pet Hotels is open 365 days of the year. For more information, visit Luxe Pet Hotels online, or call 702.222.9220. 

Luxe Pet Hotels Accommodations (©Jason Almeida) Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Luxe Pet Hotels Accommodations (©Jason Almeida) 

Pawsh Palace

At Pawsh Palace, cleanliness is a priority. The hospital-grade air filtration system and building-wide central disinfectant and vacuum system provide a healthy and clean environment. The pet resort has more than 13,000 square feet of indoor play space and an additional 6,000 square feet of outdoor turf space. Dogs are separated by size, while older pets who prefer playing solo can have individual playtimes arranged.

The luxury suites are spacious and include flat-screen televisions, comfortable beds, ceiling fans and sliding glass doors. The themed suites include “Gimme Da Business Suite,” “My Dogs A Boss Suite,” and the “Executive Suite.”

For more information or to make a reservation, visit Pawsh Palace online, or call 702.931.1778.

Z Pet Hotels

Z Pet Hotels is a luxury pet hotel with over a decade of experience in pet boarding. The facility caters to cats and small to medium dog breeds. There are air-conditioned indoor play facilities as well as outdoor areas for socializing with other dogs. All dogs must be up-to-date with their vaccinations to stay at Z Pet Hotels.

Prices range from $48 per night for standard accommodations to $98 per night for luxury suites with “hooman queen-sized beds.” There are memory foam mattresses and silk sheets. Choose from the Paris, London, Shanghai, New York, Tokyo or Venice Suite.  

Z Pet Hotels’ owner visits the facility daily to ensure that all guests are given the best care. For inquiries, visit Z Pet Hotels online or call 702.368.0200. 

Happy Pet at Z Pet Hotels (Courtesy Z Pet Hotels) Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Happy Pet at Z Pet Hotels (Courtesy Z Pet Hotels) 

Barx Parx

Barx Parx was voted Best of Las Vegas for Pet Daycare and Boarding for 2018-2020. Boarding is available seven nights a week in cageless accommodations unless otherwise requested. At night, relaxing music is played, and dogs are supervised to ensure your furbaby is safe at all times. Barx Parx has the lowest dog-to-handler ratio in Las Vegas (12:1), ensuring your dog has ample attention. 

All furry guests sleep on comfy cots with other furry friends. Lights are dimmed and soothing; relaxing music is played as they fall asleep next to one of the supervising park rangers. Furry boarders must pass the behavioral assessment tests, be well socialized, have proof of current vaccinations and be four months or older. 

Cageless, overnight boarding starts at $54.95 and is offered seven nights a week, including holidays. For more information, visit Barx Parx online, or call 702.518.6439.