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Vegas For Vintage Lovers

There's nothing quite like the treasure hunt through the past that is antique shopping.

Vegas has no shortage of spots to sort through with vintage clothing and artifacts from yesteryear. While many of the shops are clustered downtown, there's enough interest for several options to be spread out around town. Many stores are getting a continuous feed of new merchandise, so even if you don't find what you're looking for on your first visit, stop in another time, and you may strike gold.

The Best Vintage and Antique Shopping in Las Vegas

Main Street Mercantile

Hyped as the "most eclectic shop on Main Street," Main Street Mercantile has other shops beat when it comes to their variety of unique finds. The shelves here are stocked with everything from vintage chocolate pots shaped like cats and old-school irons from the 1800s, with everything in between. Be sure to check out their selection of tiki treasures and original table game sets, with card decks and dice from iconic casinos like the Stardust. There are plenty of party dresses and clothing items to sort through, too, especially if you're into outrageous hats. Plan to spend a chunk of time here to be able to see it all.

Vintage Vegas

A short jaunt away is Vintage Vegas. Their specialty is summed up right in their name, with a variety of Vegas-themed goodies original to the history of our great city. Collectors come here to check out the cases of matchbooks, ashtrays and poker chips from some of the original Las Vegas casinos. If you have space to spare at home, you can take a piece of history home with you: there are working jukeboxes and even original blackjack tables here! The selection is a bit overwhelming, so an initial visit to take it all in wouldn't be a bad idea. Be sure to check out the clown coffin, beer can display, and neon sign display, too. 

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Antique Containers (©Imad Alassiry)

Main Street Peddlers Antique Mall

A classic spot with cache, Main Street Peddlers Antique Mall boasts 7,500 square feet of space in the heart of the Arts District. With nearly 30 vendors, you can find almost anything you're looking for if it's available in Las Vegas. The various spaces and rooms showcase everything from records and record players to antique dolls and toys, but one thing they're really known for is their furniture and home decor items. If you're a fan of Mid Century Modern style, you'll want to take everything on display home with you.

Paradise Valley Antique Mall

Situated further East, the Paradise Valley Antique Mall is a hot spot for collectibles and authentic vintage. Many of the items here are kept behind glass or in special cases, alongside authenticity certificates. With over 100 booths in the building, there are areas devoted to comic books, sports memorabilia, Coca Cola merchandise and grandfather clocks, just to name a few. Though they're open daily, some booths are not staffed except for weekends, when you're more likely to interact with the owner if you have questions or are looking for something specific. 

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Assorted Antiques (©Charisse Keneon)

Charleston Antique Mall

Open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Charleston Antique Mall has a massive space to sift through at your leisure. Over 75 dealers come together under one roof to display their collectibles, furniture and decor items. If you can't make it in person, they also have an eBay store where goods are sold. This shop specializes in glassware, pottery, costume jewelry and vintage accessories. Check their website and social media pages for special events like parking lot bazaars and seasonal sales.

Cherry Blossom Antiques & Vintage

Out in Henderson, off of Boulder Highway, you'll find Cherry Blossom Antiques and Vintage. Those looking for home and yard decor in the shabby chic style will find a shop stuffed with antique dishes, vintage metal signage and seasonal decorations. More oversized furniture items like desks and cabinets can also be found, so come prepared with a larger vehicle to take them home with you. 

Antique Mall of America

Located on the south end of the Strip is the Antique Mall of America. Clocking in at over 43,000 square feet, this is also the largest antique shop in Las Vegas. The sheer size and selection alone make it nearly impossible for visitors to leave empty-handed. The range of items on sale here is unmatched, with an emphasis on art, antiques, collectibles and jewelry. Regular treasure hunters will want to join their email list to receive updates about sales and special events.

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Antique Watch and Vintage Clothes (©Photo Nic)