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Five CES Innovations Perfect For Digital Nomads

This year's CES premiered numerous tech pieces perfect for business travelers, digital nomads and remote workers on the go.

As the world’s largest annual gathering for innovators, tech enthusiasts and industry leaders, the Consumer Electronics Show continues to astound with its cutting-edge advancements and insights into the future of consumer electronics in numerous fields. CES returned to Las Vegas this past weekend with a full-on tech takeover of numerous properties on and off the Las Vegas Strip. Numerous tech products are set to land on the market that are perfect for business travelers, remote workers and digital nomads. Here are five of our favorites.

CES Tech For Business Travelers


Skyted is a revolutionary sound-absorbing open-air mask that provides unparalleled privacy in public spaces. Developed by the French company based in Toulouse, Skyted was created to offer an innovative solution for people who are looking for more efficient privacy options when traveling or working outdoors. The product consists of a breathable fabric mask with a built-in noise-absorbing filter, which ensures complete acoustic insulation and discourages eavesdropping. With its adjustable size and shape, the mask can be easily adapted to most face sizes, providing users with maximum comfort and convenience. Moreover, the unique mask uses advanced filtering technology to reduce wind noise significantly. This makes it ideal for use in areas with strong winds, such as airports or train stations. Skyted is designed to be lightweight and comfortable while still providing excellent protection from external sounds and distractions. Thanks to its highly effective sound-insulating properties, users can remain anonymous and enjoy a greater degree of personal space while out in public. 

Skyted | WHERE Traveler®
(Courtesy Skyted)

Nuwa Pen

Never lose another idea on a bar napkin or paper scrap. With today’s constant on-the-go lifestyle, it’s easy to misplace (or forget) notes. The revolutionary Nuwa Pen allows users to create an electronic backup for everything they write with the pen. Use the device like a regular pen (it even uses standard pen ink cartridges) while motion sensors capture the pen’s activity. The accompanying Nuwa Pen app then allows users to locate and organize notes. When it’s time to recharge, users only need to put the pen into its charging case (recharging takes 15 minutes). 

Kingston IronKey

Kingston has a fantastic line of products perfect for business travelers concerned with security with the collection of IronKey flash drives. The Kingston IronKey Locker+ 50 Encrypted Flash Drive is a secure, powerful data storage solution that offers top-tier performance and innovative features. It’s TAA compliant and utilizes the latest AES hardware-based encryption to ensure that your data stays safe from unauthorized access. With its anti-BadUSB protection, digitally-signed firmware and Brute Force password defense system, LP50 is one of the most secure flash drives on the market. And it’s easy to use, too – there’s no installation required, thanks to the software already stored on the drive. Even more convenient is that you can upload data to your personal cloud storage with optional USBtoCloud backup support from ClevX®. The small metal casing also contains a built-in key loop for effortless transportability—so you can take your data with you wherever you go. 

Kingston IronKey Vault Privacy 50C | WHERE Traveler®
(Courtesy Kingston Technology)

WT2 Edge Translator Earbuds

The Timekettle WT2 Edge Translator Earbuds are the cutting-edge solution for those looking to unlock the power of simultaneous two-way communication. The groundbreaking tech behind these earbuds makes it possible to listen and understand conversations in an array of foreign languages without a moment’s delay. Its real-time translation feature enables users to converse freely with friends, family, and even business partners from around the world. Plus, its state-of-the-art design is discreet and lightweight, making it easy to carry around wherever your conversations take you. Unlike other language translators, the WT2 Edge allows two people to communicate naturally as they would in their native language. 

Ampere Horizon

Ampere’s Horizon charging stand is the perfect product for Apple users who value convenience and flexibility. The MagSafe and MFi-certified product is capable of simultaneously charging an iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch 7, 8, or Ultra in up to eight different positions. The new Apple Watch charging module allows for ultra-fast charging that can reach 80% capacity in just 45 minutes (one hour for Ultra). With its patent-pending hinge design, Horizon transforms into a portable folded orientation that is less than .5” thick, perfect for traveling while keeping all your devices charged. Additionally, the three-in-one multi-orientation technology ensures that no matter how you want to position your devices, Horizon has you covered. Whether at home or on the go, Ampere’s Horizon charger provides an efficient way to keep all your essential Apple devices charged and ready to use. 

Ampere Horizon | WHERE Traveler®
(Courtesy Ampere)