Water Slides With Sharks and Other Legal Ways to Stay Cool in Vegas

Ice bars, ice spas, swim-up blackjack, sharks, liquid nitrogen cocktails: Yes, you can do all of this in Las Vegas.

Vegas is located in a desert. And when it's summer in the desert, well, you do the math. So, yes, it’s hot out, but you're smart because you're reading this article and in about one minute, you're going to know how to beat the heat at a dozen of Sin City's coolest places, like a place where you can slide through a shark tank, or where to get a cocktail made with liquid nitrogen. We're pretty sure you'll be marking these experiences down as "unforgettable." And to get started, follow these seven tips:

#1: Frozen cocktails: Uncover cocktail nirvana at the hipster hangout that is Hyde Bellagio, where liquid-nitrogen cocktails make for decadent and refreshing summer drinks. You can also make any drink a frozen one at Sugar Factory, and find decadent frozen creations at Margaritaville and Hard Rock Cafe (on the Strip and at Hard Rock Hotel). 

#2 Frozen custard for celebrities. The tip here is Luv-It's Frozen Custard; and you’ll be screaming for custard, not ice cream, when you get a taste of this icy treat. This downtown hangout is frequented by celebrities, locals and tourists alike. It's found on Las Vegas Boulevard just north of Stratosphere

#3: An ice bar: At Minus 5 Ice Lounge, the bar, the chairs and the sculptures are made entirely of ice, perfect for days when the mercury’s on the rise. It's named for the frosty Celsius temperature the bar is kept at, and everything inside is made from 100 percent pure Canadian ice. 

#4: An ice spa: This is unlike any spa you've experienced. At Qua’s Arctic ice room, guests enjoy the sensation of falling snow and crystal ice chips in this wet area of Caesars Palace’s spa; it'll cool you down in a heartbeat. 

#5: Swim-up blackjack tables: Got the hankering to gamble out-of-doors? Do it at the pool! Try Caesars Palace’s perfectly manicured Garden of the Gods. You can also find this experience at Hard Rock Hotel, the Palms and the Tropicana.

#6: Waterslides with sharks. The Tank happens to be Las Vegas’ only downtown water slide, but it's the sharks that are the real story here. As you curve your way through the slide, you'll be passing through the center of a very sleek shark tank that's at the center of a pool. We're not sure how you beat this one, but we do know you'll find this experience at the Golden Nugget.

#7: A big waterpark in the desert. Wet ‘n’ Wild, the largest water park in Nevada, sits on 41 acres and features more than 25 water slides and attractions and celebrates its second year in its new location this year. On the other side of town, in Henderson, Cowabunga Bay has just opened its doors.

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