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Performer's Guide to Las Vegas: Anthony Cardella of Stabile Productions

Stabile Productions' Anthony Cardella and his local favorites.

One of the biggest names in the Las Vegas entertainment game is Stabile Productions (the team behind “X Burlesque,” X Country,” and “Piff the Magic Dragon”). With several hit shows around town, you can be sure that there are several people behind the scenes making the productions great. We talked with Anthony Cardella, choreographer and company manager at Stabile Productions, about his Vegas favorites. 

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Anthony Cardella (©Dan Bushkin)

Anthony Cardella's Las Vegas

WT- What brought you to Las Vegas?
Cardella- My mom’s job—she was a comedienne.

WT- Where are you from, and how long have you lived in Las Vegas?
Cardella- I’m originally from Chicago and have been out here for over 25 years.

WT- What do you love best about Las Vegas?
Cardella- I love how easy it is to live here. There’s always something to do. We have the best shows, restaurants, etc., and any old hotels get remodeled.

WT- What is your favorite way to spend an evening/afternoon if you’re going to the Strip?
Cardella- Definitely dinner and a show.

WT- If someone asks you for dinner recommendations in Las Vegas, what do you suggest?
Cardella- It depends what they’re in the mood for—I love Carbone, and if they want old-school Vegas vibes, then definitely Piero’s.

WT- Where are some of your favorite places to go and things to do in Las Vegas on your day

Cardella- I love going to the movies, seeing new shows and trying new restaurants. I also love working out and running.