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PERCEPTION Brings New Digital Art to Las Vegas

The new venue is the first permanent digital art museum in Las Vegas.

Digital art has quickly become one of the most popular ways for fans to enjoy the works of history’s great artists. Immersive exhibit pop-ups and experiences are all over the country, and now, Las Vegas has its first permanent venue for digital art. PERCEPTION opened this summer with its premier exhibit, “Leonardo: The Universal Man.” 

PERCEPTION Opens in Las Vegas” 

“Only at PERCEPTION, Las Vegas’ first digital art museum, can you experience Leonardo: The Universal Man, a revolutionary immersive experience featuring masterpieces from the genius mind of da Vinci,” Co-Founder Robert Frey told us. “We transport guests into the world of da Vinci using state-of-the-art 360 degrees, fully immersive multi-sensory technology.” PERCEPTION is a collaboration between nightlife expert Frey and businessman Ned Collett. For "Leonardo: The Universal Man," the pair enlisted TWOFIFTYK to assist with the digital features (the Dutch creative team is behind some of the world's most famous experiences like Electric Daisy Carnival.

Mona Lisa's Perception at PERCEPTION Las Vegas Perception Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Mona Lisa's Perception at PERCEPTION Las Vegas (Courtesy 150 Studios)

PERCEPTION will have a rotating line-up of exhibits, featuring one at a time. “Our debut exhibit, “Leonardo: The Universal Man,” can only be seen at PERCEPTION Las Vegas and will run through 2022. We plan to showcase one exhibit at a time and have some exciting plans for future one-of-a-kind exhibits, but we can’t divulge all of our secrets at once!” Frey explained. “Follow @perceptionvegas for exciting news on future exhibits.”

The permanent space allows for PERCEPTION to grow and evolve more as technology changes. “Having a permanent venue gave our creative team the ability to use highly advanced technology installations one would see in fixed locations throughout the world,” Frey said. “A substantial media room was required to house this state-of-the-art technology and designed behind the scenes to power "Leonardo: The Universal Man" and our future exhibits.” The technology utilizes advances that are not unlike what you’ll find in video games. “Leonardo: The Universal Man” comes to life through advanced animation, very similar to the most graphically intensive video game technology. Our show capabilities at PERCEPTION are practically limitless.” 

The Grand Salon_ Chapters of The Genius' Life - Works From da Vinci at Perception Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
The Grand Salon: Chapters of The Genius' Life - Works From da Vinci at Perception (Courtesy 150 Studios)