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Miranda Lambert Opens Vegas Residency

The country music superstar is set to perform in Las Vegas for two years.

Opening night at Miranda Lambert’s “Velvet Rodeo” was a festive occasion filled with fringe and glitter as country music fans from all over the country converged on Zappos Theater inside the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. We had previously chatted with Lambert about her upcoming show and were invited to check out her glorious debut.

A Journey Through Miranda Lambert's Hit Songs in Las Vegas

The night started off with “Actin’ Up” straight off her most recent album “Palomino.” The energy kicked up a notch with “Fastest Girl in town” and stayed strong throughout the night. The set list featured a timeline journey of Lambert’s greatest hits with a few additional tracks from “Palomino” sprinkled into the mix, including “Geraldine” and “Carousel.”

The custom stage set the tone for the evening with bright lights, pyrotechnics and digital projections without distracting from the Star of the show. Lambert performed in a Western-style piece with fringe, sequins and plenty of sparkle that required no wardrobe changes, while her signature pink guitar made the perfect evening accessory. Even with the high-tech video and audio systems, the show achieved moments of stripped-down vocals reminiscent of Lambert’s early career shows. “Tin Man” was one of the most poignant pieces of the evening, with a simple piano accompaniment and spotlights highlighting her on the stage.

The setlist featured virtually all of Lambert’s hits with songs spanning every single album throughout her career, with only a few notable absences that were probably only noticed by diehard fans. Lambert’s famous storytelling style gave each performance a distinct vibe with accompanying digital projections to help guide the way for audience members who might be newer to her sound. The momentum keeps going from start to finish, with no slow spots in between. Buckle up, "Velvet Rodeo" is one wild 90-minute ride you won't want to miss.