The Majesty of the Hoover Dam in Snapshots

Snap away and expand your photo album at this top Las Vegas tourist attaction

At the time it was dedicated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1935, Hoover Dam was the largest manmade structure in the world. The dam is composed of more than 4.5 million cubic feet of concrete—enough to build a two-lane highway between Seattle, Wash., and Miami, Fla.; at 726 feet tall, it's twice the height of New York City's Statue of Liberty. The structure, which is a National Historical Landmark, is the perfect complement to the surrounding Lake Mead and Colorado River, with stone columns, magnificent bronzes and other marvels of engineering that pay tribute to the human spirit. 

A great place to snap photos for your album—and play around with your camera's features—my latest trip to Hoover Dam included a study in black-and-white photography; I love the old-fashioned feel it gives the photos. The slideshow below features a small portion of the photos I took that day—I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do! 

Even the scenery from the dam's parking lot is unforgettable (©Jennifer McKee)

On the approach to the dam (©Jennifer McKee)

This ginormous bolt is one of the first exhibits on the tour (©Jennifer McKee)

The turbine room played an integral role in the first "Transformers" movie. (©Jennifer McKee)

Doorway to adventure: a trip beneath the dam (©Jennifer McKee)

Standing atop one of the biggest pipes I've ever seen! (©Jennifer McKee)

Inspiration in minerals and metal inside the shaft (©Jennifer McKee)

A dizzying look over the side of the dam (©Jennifer McKee)

The Mike O'Callaghan bridge is a fitting tribute to one of Nevada's greatest leaders (©Jennifer McKee)

At this clock tower, you can stand with one foot in Nevada and one foot in Arizona (©Jennifer McKee)

Don't miss these dramatic murals before you leave (©Jennifer McKee)

Final shot: An overview of Lake Mead taken before I left the park (©Jennifer McKee)