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Fantasy Celebrates Anniversary at Luxor Las Vegas

The long-running female revue enjoys its 23rd year in Las Vegas.

In celebration of its 23rd anniversary, “FANTASY” at Luxor Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas held a special event and calendar unveiling last month. Since premiering in 1999, “FANTASY” has entertained millions with its combination of sensual dance numbers and comedic performances at Luxor Hotel & Casino. The show continues to draw in crowds with its rotating lineup of talented performers and updated routines. 

Opening Number of "FANTASY" Las Vegas | WHERE Traveler®
Opening Number of "FANTASY" (©Bryan Steffy)

Happy 23rd Anniversary “FANTASY!”

“We have been so blessed to have an incredible team of performers, wonderful PR representation and support from everyone at MGM,” “FANTASY” producer and director Anita Mann told us. “The local media and press have welcomed us and stood behind us for all these years. Our cast also works in leadership roles for the production and takes great pride in what they do, which helps keep a consistent vision for what “FANTASY” is and means. But it is not just the leadership; every performer is “full out” on stage every night. We also love giving back to the community through charity events and appearances around town to support as many causes as possible.” Anita Mann is also an Emmy award-winning choreographer. 

"FANTASY" Finale "Show Me How You Burlesque" Las Vegas | WHERE Traveler®
"FANTASY" Finale "Show Me How You Burlesque" (©Bryan Steffy)

Returning Fans

Fans of “FANTASY” keep coming back for more. “Our return audience rate is very high, so we challenge ourselves to keep the show exciting, fresh and timely,” Mann explained. “We like to push the envelope. Every year we change several segments of the show, including this year, where we changed eight numbers in the show. In one of those new numbers, we wanted to showcase how talented our performers are by adding “But I Am a Good Girl,” in which three of the dancers perform the vocals live onstage during the number.”

The “FANTASY” calendar is an annual hit as well. “We spend a lot of time as a team collaborating on what would be a fun or exciting theme for the calendar, but really, it’s our photographer, Oscar Picazo, and graphic designer, Shannon Hammitt, who keep making the calendar better every year—and the ladies just continue to stun us with their beauty,” Mann said of the yearly project. “The ladies also sign the calendar after every show in the lobby of the showroom, which adds an extra bonus of meeting them in person.” 

Cast of "FANTASY" Pose With Calendars Las Vegas | WHERE Traveler®
Cast of "FANTASY" Pose With Calendars (©Bryan Steffy)

Decades of Success

One of the biggest contributing factors to the success of “FANTASY” is its ability to change and adapt, seamlessly updating with the times. “This year, we changed eight numbers. It was really an exciting challenge, and we had a great time,” Mann told us. “We worked with three fantastic choreographers—Tiger Martina, one of the original choreographers when the show debuted in 1999 as “Midnight Fantasy;” Sienna Lyons, who has worked with numerous superstars including Gwen Stefani and Selena Gomez; and our very own Yesi Burgess, our in-house choreographer and dancer in “FANTASY.” We are also looking ahead to our 25th anniversary, when we will have even more fun surprises!”

As it enters its 24th year, “FANTASY” shows no signs of slowing down and promises even more excitement for audiences. Fans can catch the show nightly at the Luxor Hotel & Casino or purchase a commemorative calendar featuring the cast members. 

"FANTASY" Cast Perform "Proud Mary" Las Vegas | WHERE Traveler®
"FANTASY" Cast Perform "Proud Mary" (©Bryan Steffy)