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Celebrating 22 Years of Blue Man Group Las Vegas

We talked with the team at Blue Man Group Las Vegas about the major milestone and 20 years in Las Vegas.

If you’ve been to Las Vegas in the past 22 years, you’ve seen the Blue Man Group signage at least once on your trip. The show originally debuted at the Luxor Hotel & Casino just over two decades ago and quickly became a main staple of Las Vegas entertainment over the years. Celebrating 22 years is a major milestone for the beloved show, and we chatted with Thomas Randall, the General Manager of Blue Man Group Las Vegas, New York and Special Projects, about the accomplishment. 

(Courtesy Blue Man Group) Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
(Courtesy Blue Man Group) 

Happy Anniversary Blue Man Group Las Vegas!

WT: How has the show changed since it arrived in Las Vegas?
Randall: Blue Man Group Las Vegas has performed numerous versions of the production since it first opened in 2000. Our creative teams are continuously working to develop and test new material. The advancement of new technologies has also been an inspiration for some of the changes seen in the show. There have been new instruments, new music, new comedic elements, new props, new characters, and more.

WT: The show has moved through multiple venues, but my first was at the Luxor Hotel & Casino almost 20 years ago. How have the venue changes impacted the performance, if it has at all?
Randall: Each venue Blue Man Group has performed at in Vegas has been slightly different in terms of capacity, seating layouts, the existence of balconies, and so on. The larger venues have allowed us to experiment with larger sets and props, including life-sized dancing sculptures and a collective audience experience using giant helium balloons. The smaller venues allowed us to connect the Blue Men more directly with the audience and give a sense that “anything could happen to anyone at any time.” One of the strengths of the Blue Man Character is the ability to adapt to a wide variety of venues and environments to create unique experiences.

WT: How many “blue men” do we have in Las Vegas?
Randall: Currently, there are seven Blue Men regularly working on the Las Vegas production, which helps us support a seven-day-a-week performance schedule and also support additional appearances and events outside of our venue. Additionally, there are quite a few “bench” Blue Men who reside in cities across North America that we can call upon to come to Vegas, or any city, to assist with our performance schedule.

WT: What makes the Las Vegas show unique?
Randall: The Blue Man Group show in Las Vegas is truly the best of both worlds. It is located in a venue large enough to feature custom artistic content and instruments, and it also allows for a one-of-a-kind, personal experience between the Blue Men and audience members.

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(Courtesy Blue Man Group) Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
(Courtesy Blue Man Group)