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A Look at "Barbie: A Cultural Icon" in Las Vegas

Explore the history of Barbie at this one-of-a-kind exhibit.

Most of us have had some sort of encounter with Barbie at some point in our childhood. Whether it be waiting for Santa to deliver that brand new talking Barbie you've been begging for or watching your best friend swap the heads on your dolls, we've all seen her. We were recently hosted for a media visit at "Barbie: A Cultural Icon" to look at Barbie through the ages and her impact on society as a whole.

A Look at "Barbie: A Cultural Icon" in Las Vegas

Visitors can find "Barbie: A Cultural Icon" inside the Shops at Crystals. You'll see the large marquee on the third floor above Gucci. Make your way through the doors to the outdoor bridge, and you'll find a pink Barbie elevator that transports you to the exhibit. 

Display Case at "Barbie: A Cultural Icon" Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Display Case at "Barbie: A Cultural Icon"

Barbie Through the Ages

While many view Barbie as merely a children's toy, a walk through the exhibit paints a very different picture. Starting with Barbie's creation in 1959 by Ruth Handler, the iconic doll has followed women's history more closely than anyone could imagine. A walk through "Barbie: A Cultural Icon" is pleasantly pink but filled with history—you'll even get a look at the very first Barbie doll and some of the original accessories and clothing.

Vintage television monitors accompany the glass cases throughout the exhibit and provide educational information in a thoroughly Instagrammable way. Various versions of the iconic doll are also showcased with lifesize dresses modeled after Barbie's outfits which were often modeled after iconic pieces themselves (like the "Belle Dress" that mirrored those worn by Jackie Kennedy, the "First Lady of Fashion"). 

Barbie Outfits Inspired by Jackie Kennedy at "Barbie: A Cultural Icon" Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Barbie Outfits Inspired by Jackie Kennedy at "Barbie: A Cultural Icon"

Barbie Making History

In addition to iconic fashion pieces, visitors look at Barbie mirroring history and forging her own way for equality in gender roles and for women of color. You'll get a look at the first African American Barbie, Christie, in addition to a display of international Barbie dolls. The collection of career Barbies shows the cultural icon dressed for numerous roles, including a trip to space.

The exhibit is designed to educate visitors but in a fun and modern way with several perfect photo opportunities throughout. None could be more perfect than a selfie in the genuinely iconic Malibu Barbie convertible—a hot pink Corvette "powered by glitter" complete with a "BAR-B1E" license plate, hot pink rims and quilted pink interior. 

Astronaut Barbie at "Barbie: A Cultural Icon" Las Vegas | WhereTraveler

Barbie in Fashion

Design fans will appreciate the "Behind the Seams" portion of the exhibit that showcases the various textiles and fabrics used for Barbie's clothes. Fans will also get a look at the creation of Barbie's hair in different colors and textures. 

By the end of the exhibit, visitors will see modern iterations of Barbie in designer apparel and with modern careers. The selection of Bob Mackie Barbies and the various designer outfits (including a stunning Karl Lagerfeld piece) will delight fashion mavens of all kinds. Make sure to stop by the gift shop downstairs (it's located by Cartier and Sisley-Paris) to shop some iconic pieces of your own (and for one last photo opportunity in the shop). 

Career Barbies of the `90s at "Barbie: A Cultural Icon" Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Career Barbies of the `90s at "Barbie: A Cultural Icon" 


Tickets for "Barbie: A Cultural Icon" are priced at $44.95 for adults and $29.95 for children. Timed-entry is currently utilized, and you can book your tickets here