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Las Vegas Restaurants: Where We All Scream for Ice Cream

No matter what your preference may be, Las Vegas has an ice cream option to please even the fussiest palate.

There is nothing more reminiscent of childhood than a sugary ice cream treat. It is one of the most quintessential summertime traditions, and with temperatures hitting the triple digits in Las Vegas, our extreme desert weather has everyone screaming for ice cream.

The Best Ice Cream in Vegas

Luckily, Las Vegas has abundant sweet spots featuring fresh ingredients, crazy flavors and decadent toppings. Here’s the scoop.

Afters Ice Cream

Afters Ice Cream was created as an outlet for creativity expressed through its flavors. As a result, unique flavors like “Jasmine Milk Tea,” “Cookie Monster” and “Milk and Cereal” were born. Afters Ice Cream, located at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas, is most famous for its signature “Milky Bun.” This customer favorite is made with two warm glazed donuts stuffed with any ice cream flavor of your choice. 

Sweet Treats at Afters Ice Cream Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Ice Cream Treats (Courtesy Afters Ice Cream)

Café 86

Café 86 is popular for its ube-based desserts. Ube is a purple yam, often boiled or mashed, and originates from the Philippines. The purple color adds to the visually pleasing milkshake favorites, “Halo Halo” and “Upside Down Halo Halo.” Each contains ube ice cream, coconut jellies, jack fruit, boba, Frosted Flake cereal toppings and flan. Another customer favorite is the “Ube Monster Milkshake,” made with ube ice cream sprinkled with an Oreo cookie topping.

Lucy’s Waffles & Ice Cream

Lucy’s Waffles & Ice Cream specializes in crispy Belgian waffles, old-fashioned ice cream and milkshakes. The sweet creations are almost too pretty to eat. Specialty shakes include the “Cotton Candy Crusher” made with cotton candy ice cream, rainbow sprinkles and strawberry syrup topped with cotton candy and a lollipop. Customer favorite Belgian waffle creations include the Jubilee made with cotton candy and birthday cake ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, fruity pebbles and raspberry syrup. 

Ice Cream Waffles at Lucy's Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Belgian Waffle Sundae at Lucy's Waffles & Ice Cream (©Ching Almazan)

Craig’s Vegan Ice Cream

The Las Vegas Strip finally has its first standalone vegan ice cream shop at the newly opened mega-resort Resorts World Las Vegas. Craig’s Vegan ice cream is made with premium cashews and all-natural ingredients. The available flavors include “Kursten’s PB Crunch,” “Sunset & Strawberry,” “Killa’ Vanilla,” “Perfectly Chocolate” and “Melrose Mint Chip.” The ice cream is certified kosher and gluten-free.

Scoop LV 

Scoop LV is known for the fun ice cream flavors on the menu and the cute bear and light bulb-shaped containers used to house the milkshakes and boba teas. Some ice cream and milkshake flavors include “Cookie Monster,” “Grasshopper Pie,” “Cinnamon Toast Crunch” and “Blue Sea Salt.” Also on the menu are ice cream sandwiched and vegan ice cream options. 

Ice Cream Sandwich at Scoop LV Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Ice Cream Sandwich at Scoop LV (©@AmirHangry)

Milk Bar

Stop by Milk Bar at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas for an array of dessert creations made by award-winning pastry chef Christina Tossi. In addition to an impressive collection of famous desserts, including the Milk Bar Pie and Compost Cookie, visitors can check out Milk Bar’s critically acclaimed Cereal Milk Soft Serve in either a cup or a pint. With a sweet, cornflake forward flavor and a subtle, creamy finish, the soft serve comes complete with customizable options like sprinkles, cornflake crunch and fudge sauce. For those looking for some extra fun, be sure to try the alcohol-infused Fancy Shakes for that boozy option. 

Sloan’s Homemade Ice Cream

Walking into Sloan’s Ice Cream Shop is a sweet experience in itself, with its bright pink walls lined with candy and toys and the aroma of fresh-baked cones. The innovative ice cream flavors include” Elvis’ Favorite” with peanut butter and banana ice cream, Almond Joy featuring coconut ice cream with fudge, chocolate-covered almonds, shredded coconut and many more. Guests can also indulge in huge offerings, including “Tracy’s Kitchen Sink,” an ultimate sundae with everything, including the kitchen sink in which it is served. Sloan’s Ice Cream is located at the Grand Canal Shoppes inside the Venetian Resort. 

Assorted Scoops at Sloan's Homemade Ice Cream Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Assorted Scoops (Courtesy Sloan's Homemade Ice Cream)

Drill It Creamery

Drill It Creamery is a new ice cream shop located at Boca Park in Summerlin. The family-owned business specializes in build-your-own infused ice cream and milkshakes with over 30 different topping options. Signature creations include the “PB Overload,” cookies n cream and “The Captain,” which is topped with Cap N Crunch cereal.


SomiSomi’s specialty is the Ah-Boong, a Korean-style soft serve ice cream served in a fish-shaped waffle cone called Taiyaki. Not only is this delicious, but it is picture-perfect and is one of the most popular menu items often seen on social media channels. This summer, SomiSomi introduced two new flavors, mango and honeydew, perfect for the season’s extra hot weather. SomiSomi is located off the Strip in Chinatown. 

Cups and Taiyaki at SomiSomi Las Vegas | WhereTraveler
Cups and Taiyaki (Courtesy SomiSomi)

Rolled Ice Cream

You won’t find your favorite scoop of ice cream here, but you will find it rolled. At Rolled Ice Cream, customers choose various flavors, which are poured onto a cold platter. As it freezes, thin sheets are formed and scraped until it forms into ice cream rolls. House creations include The Elvis made with Nutter Butter, peanut butter and bananas. Rolled Ice Cream also serves “Rolled Sandwiches,” which is your favorite Rolled Ice Cream flavor served between two chewy cookies.